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Dear Dave,

 My friend does a really cool diet where he is very strict for 6 days then on the 7th he eats whatever he wants.  He calls it a ‘cheat day’ and he is still mostly dropping weight!  Why do you not suggest a cheat day in Genesis?  It looks like a lot of fun.

 James, Brooklyn


junk-food-bingeIt sure does look like fun!  Lets dive in and start cheating!

According to many ‘noted experts’ such as Dr OZ, cheat days can help with DIETS as they alleviate the stress of all that damn adhesion.  By lifting the ‘rules’ for a day it can actually help us follow them the rest of the time.  Also by following some anti-bingeing guidelines you can cheat safely!  Don’t eat out of the fridge, or in the car, or while wandering around.  Sit down and do it right.

Here’s a warning from the website FITDAY:

“If you don’t have any cheat day to look forward to, you can be in danger of binge eating. You could find yourself reaching for “just one” unhealthy snack and wind up spending days overeating and eating unhealthy food that’s not on your diet.”

OOOOOH that is scary!  I’d better start cheating ASAP!

OK James – you may have surmised that I am gently poking fun at you, and Cheat Days.  Here’s why:  Genesis IS NOT A DIET.  Genesis is about finding the LIFESTYLE that works for you & your body.  

 (We already know diets don’t work.  And all of the dieters out there that have made a habit of cheating can honestly affirm; neither does cheating!  Cheating is a way to keep you on diets.)

A lifestyle is just that; the style of our life.  The foods we eat, the way we exercise, speak, and dress.  WHY would we cheat our SELVES??!  Would you cheat on your wife just one day a week?  Steal from your workplace just one day?  How about drugs…just a little crack now and again?  Food is the same way.  ‘Just a little’ of something that harms us STILL HARMS US – thats why we don’t do it!!!!

With Genesis we’re not removing foods because they are not ‘on our diet’, we are removing foods that are TOXIC to our bodies!  We’re into health based fat loss – not muscle-stripping weight loss at any cost.  Why would we ‘cheat’ on something that is TOXIC?  Do you sip Draino for fun?

We’re a different system.  We are not a diet.  (did I already say that?)  

I’d also advise you to keep an eye on that friend.  Watch how that goes.  I’ve personally observed many guys on that type of system still ‘dieting’ and looking for the ‘next diet’ a couple years later – gaining and losing that same 20-40 lbs over and over again…

OK James I’ll ease up a bit, I get pretty excited on this topic.  Speaking from experience I can safely say that I enjoy food more than ever.  I have removed all grains & artificial foods from my lifestyle and eating has never been so much fun!  Try something completely different – a fancy healthy food that you have thought ‘too pricey’ – that’s a GREAT cheat and also a great investment in YOU.

 You may find, as I do, that real food is precious and worth every penny.  Here is my ‘cheat day’ this week: fresh salmon w/olive tapenade, slow cooked bbq bison short-ribs, and curried pastured chicken thighs with jerusalem artichoke pork-belly hash.



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