Where I Will NOT Be Getting My Omega 3’s

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Monsanto is not a bunch of dummies sitting around and plotting to ruin the world, they are a rather ingenious group of forward thinking folks who will stop at nothing to find new and creative ways to make huge profits.  Their ethics may be questionable and so may be their techniques, but they know how to keep ahead of food industry trends.

Most readers are aware that Omega 3 fats are a good thing and that it can require some effort to be sure that we are consuming enough.  Omega 3 fats fight inflammation as well as assist healthy heart and brain functioning.  Sources are usually more expensive and perishable than foods high in Omega 6 or other fats; foods like wild salmon, chia, flax, hemp seeds, and avocados are all high in Omega 3…until now!  My good friends at Monsanto’s ivory tower have announced the imminent release of OMEGA 3 SOYBEANS!  

Are you thinking about a bowl of fresh edamame bursting with omega-3 goodness?  Not so much. Here’s a quote from Monsanto:

“Because SDA soybean oil, the product derived from SDA omega-3 soybeans, is a soybean oil, which is already commonly used in the food industry, food companies can incorporate omega-3s into everyday foods, such as bakery products, soups, beverages, snack bars, dressings, margarines and shortenings”

OK, so this is not a fresh food heading our way – but a ‘new’ oil.  I am anticipating a new line of ‘inflammatory foods that fight inflammation!’  YUM!  Soybeans have been increasing in notoriety as more people catch on to the fact that they do more harm than good – and they are EVERYWHERE!  Soy is a mass-produced crop; genetically engineered to boost yields, resist pesticides, and herbicides, so there is a LOT of it on the market.  Even the ancient Chinese who pioneered the use of soy only used it fermented; or very rarely.  They understood that soy can block absorption of nutrients – and was best classified as an ‘anti-nutrient.’

My verdict:  Rather than experiment with ‘food convenience’ created for you in a laboratory – eat real food, skip the soy, and avoid anything created by the wizards at Monsanto.

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