RN Advice: New Roles

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peggi bw 2 editedThis Mother’s day, I wanted to touch upon a topic that I and several of my clients are experiencing; caring for aging parents or grown children.   Sometimes we even do this at the same time.  This is the ‘Sandwich Generation’.   Being a caregiver takes a toll financially, physically and emotionally if one does not practice a high level of self-care.

I have looked forward to an empty nest where I can finally focus on myself without guilt.  I feel justified that I have done my part and deserve time to do what I want; focus on what I enjoy.  However, when my situation changed, I experienced some resentment, frustration and even anger.  I also experienced a role reversal that jarred me from my comfort zone.

Taking time to distance myself from the situation, journal and self-reflect has brought my thoughts into perspective.  This didn’t happen overnight but is requiring on-going sessions to keep me grounded.

My body also requires additional attention and awareness to function at this high capacity.  Feeding my body healthy food is vital to my survival but even more important is rest. When life speeds up, I slow down.  This was not always the case but I have learned that when I get caught up in the do, do, do cycle for others, the situation seems to escalate out of control.  I now know that I cannot do or give what I don’t currently possess.

As a caregiver to parent(s) or adult children we must, for survival, practice a higher level of ATTENTION and AWARENESS to SELF-CARE.  Making myself my FIRST love, my FIRST priority,  REPLENISHES my body and spirit and opens my heart so I have plenty to give to others.

Peggi Ingram, RN BSN, CPT
Genesis Transformation Coach
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