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nettieBy: Nettie Bell-Newton

I’m a wife, a mother, a grandmother, a college student, business owner, and an aspiring photographer. I love to read, write, run, workout, shoot photos, and restore old furniture.  I’m a lover of all things beautiful, and have been creating beauty my entire life. First as a hairdresser, then as a personal trainer, and health coach, and now as a photographer.

None of my days are the same, and my “normal” changes all the time, as do most peoples, so to share with you a ‘day in the life’,  I’m picking a day on the weekend that most represents “non-normal”.

Weekends have their own special brand of difficulty when making positive changes in our lifestyle, and is the time when I most often say to myself that “I’ve been good all week, so I’m going to relax, and not worry about what I eat.” (We coaches call this the pendulum affect) Weekends represent a time of relaxation, or having fun, or just being spontaneous with whatever comes up, and being a Genesis coach changes none of that.

As a GT coach, I still sometimes get out of balance, and things “come up” that aren’t expected, but the one thing I have learned through the process of transformation, is that I have to be READY for change to happen  unexpectedly, and have a plan of action for when it does.

As a side note here, if you are just working on losing weight, and increasing your health is not the main reason you are on this journey, then when things come up, it is much easier to throw in the towel.

So, I’ve picked a day last weekend when life threw me a curve ball.

Friday morning…….

6:00 am. Wake up naturally, and smell the coffee brewing that I had set the night before.

6:15 am. Climb out of bed, use the restroom, weigh, brush my teeth, and take mental note of how I’m feeling. (I’m still suffering some detox symptoms of the week of stress involved in our spring break trip)

6:30(ish) am – 7:00 am. Pour a cup of coffee, down approximately 16 ounces of water, and head to my office to journal my weight, and jot down physical symptoms. Then I spend whatever time I need to brain dump in another journal.

8:00 am. I’ve scheduled time for yoga, but get interrupted with a phone call from my husband asking me to please make the trip to Spokane to attend a banquet. It’s important I be there (for our business).

It is here that I immediately panic… thoughts of “I can’t eat that food, it makes me sick”, to “I have class at 11:00, and there is no way I can get it all together.” I realize in that moment I’m panicking, so I stop myself, and sit down to take a few really deep slow breaths. I do this until I feel calm, so in total it’s probably about 5 minutes. These are tips that I’ve learned from my coach (whom I still work with), and the things she has taught me over the almost 2 years I’ve worked with her. Tips I’ve learned that change this  transformation from one of “dieting,” to transforming not only my body, but my mind as well……One thing in general that went through my mind is something she has said to me so many times, I can’t count them. “FAILURE to plan is just a plan to FAIL”

8:15 (ish). Back in my office I make a list of things I need to do before I have to leave town, which is 2:00pm at the very latest. This list includes what I need from the grocery store in order for me to pack EVERYTHING I will be eating over the next 2 days. I’ve learned from countless trips, if I don’t bring food with me I won’t make the effort to research and find restaurants that are safe for me to eat at, and its then I make bad choices.

**I will put a side note here as well. I have a very picky body, and it absolutely hates restaurant food. I suffer almost instantly, and for weeks after. This happens almost every time I eat out, regardless of how “clean” they say the ingredients are.

8:45 am. In the car to go to the grocery store to pick up food, and ice for the cooler

9:30 am. Back home, cooking food, and packing my cooler…. making a mental note to fill up the 2 gallon jugs I have on hand for traveling.

10:30 am – 12:00pm. Class at FVCC….. I love being a college student!!!

12:15 pm. Taking care of all the little things like packing clothes, packing things for the dogs (they are coming with me), picking up the house. (I’m weird about coming home to a clean house).

2:00 pm. In the car with everything I need for 2 days…. a little nervous about all the water I’ve been drinking trying to get in the gallon I drink every day. I know I will be making a pit stop…..maybe many!

5:00 pm. (Spokane time) I arrive at the motel. I have just enough time to let the dogs out, eat the dinner I had planned, and dress for the banquet.

6:00 pm. Sitting at the table with other people at the banquet…. feeling a little nervous about not eating the food they will be serving, but ready. When the time comes, and the inevitable question is asked “why aren’t you eating.” I tell them that for health reasons I don’t eat food that isn’t prepared by me. This is the “first” time I haven’t caved to peer pressure, or situational pressure, and in that moment, I felt this feeling of relief. Not because I said “no”, but because I did it for my health. Not because I was trying to lose fat, but because eating that food just doesn’t work for me, and my health is more important to me than making others feel comfortable.

10:00 pm. I’m exhausted, and we call it a night. It’s 11:00 my time, and way past my bedtime… zzzzzzz!

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