I complete me…..

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Do you remember passing the Kleenex box when Renee Zellweger said her famous words to Tom Cruise in Jerry McQuire? “YOU COMPLETE ME”.  Although quite romantic in the movie, did we ever think about the real meaning of those words?  Relying on someone else to complete……US?  What if we couldn’t change or fix someone to be our fairy tale perfect match?  Would we eternally feel incomplete?

Not too long ago, I fit into this category – I was a people pleaser and always looking for that smile, acknowledgment, acceptance of others to complete me and make me feel happy.  If they weren’t happy, I set out on a mission to make them happy so I could be too.

This grand gesture did nothing but cause stress, the other party didn’t want fixing and I didn’t have time to make the repair.  By focusing on the other half of what seemingly completed me, I didn’t have to focus on my shortcomings.

Over time by cleaning up my foods and taking full responsibility for my health, this process spilled over into other parts of my life.  I learned how to be responsible with my thoughts and eventually welcomed change to my shortcomings.  I no longer saw these qualities as something “bad” about myself, I realized that I didn’t have to be right about everything and I also learned how to speak with respect not only about myself but also TOO myself.

I became extremely kind and forgiving to myself.  I found great humor in my behavior while making lifestyle changes, I no longer thought of my attempts as failures, because I knew how to stand back up on my own.  Thank you GT for teaching me how to do this!

I am everlastingly grateful for Sheri Lynn graciously sharing these life lessons with all of us.  She has designed a one of a kind, intellectually mind boggling, witty program that coaches us along a path of self-responsibility.  Eating clean, drinking water, resting, exercising and elegant thinking!  Like I said, mind boggling!

Sheri has taught me how to be responsible for nourishing my body and mind no matter what is going on around me and to THRIVE at being me!

My energy is no longer spent on people pleasing or fixing other’s problems.  This allows both myself and others a freedom to be ourselves and accept ourselves rather than look for external acceptance.   I keep my journey moving forward, without stress or blame that someone else or situation held me back from my goals.

I am FILLED with gratitude for GT teaching me what elegant thinking means.  An event that may have seemed “bad”,”difficult”,”unfair” or something that “SHOULDN’T have happened” is now viewed as a learning experience, a change that is about to produce growth, self awareness, excitement to strengthen a skill that will benefit me in life.

By trusting and loving who I  was created to be, I can roll with life, however it comes at me.  By focusing on my own process and not getting wrapped up in other’s business, I feel life became simple and slowed down, nothing passes by nor do I wish for the next moment to happen, I appreciate each moment in time.

November is a month to give thanks, while you give thanks to God and all of those around you, don’t forget to thank yourself for stepping up to the plate and getting to know your real strengths, the real you.  Thank yourself for being kind and loving to yourself and thank yourself for falling down so you always know how to stand back up on your own two feet.  I have thanked myself hundreds of times for that one 🙂

Happy Thanksgiving to you all!!

Katie Surjan

Certified Genesis Transformation Coach