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I’ve had a major lifestyle change recently, and not one I chose!  The 40 foot motorcoach that I’ve called home for the last 2 years suddenly caught fire due to a (unbeknownst to me) recalled refrigerator.  We switched gears immediately to couch surfing with 3 dogs (oh boy was that fun) for a few weeks and finally to renting a large vacation home on the Flathead river here in northwest Montana, with plans to stay put for the next year.  This led to other changes, which led to more changes, and I’ve been both aware of and thankful for my mental and emotional agility!  Through all of this, I’ve been very grateful for the lack of drama that ensued thanks to a grown-up relationship, as well as very stable self care rituals that keep my brain and body sane.

BabyDoll learns to fish.

So now I find myself in mid-August and I evaluate my some of my summer goals:

Do 100 pushups daily – nope

Get up to 3000 calories/day – currently closer to 2200

Be able to run 5 miles pain-free – Run?  what’s that?

Log all my food in GT – Close on this one but not 100%

SO it has not been a banner season for my personal fitness or food goals – but guess what?  I am happy.  I made the decision that there is nothing wrong with me nor with not meeting the goals I set last winter.  Perhaps more importantly I was able to see an aspect of myself with more clarity:  It is exponentially more difficult to change my behavior when I am in crisis or overwhelmed.  This helps me to remember how precious the ‘slow’ times are for forming new habits.

In some ways I look forward to the ensuing winter but not because I am a huge fan of cold darkness.  I am happy to have another change of seasons to prepare myself, in the best way that I can, for more change.

 THE DAILY DIARY of how I’ve been rolling:

Awaken @ 4:30 and drink my morning beverage; juice of ½ lemon, a few drops of stevia, & water.  Get kitchen ready for first round of feedings – boil water for chia porridge, prepare coffee & tea, get dog foods out of fridge.   Have some quiet time w/tea and sunrise.

By 7:00 everyone has had their #1 breakfast – and next it’s getting the dogs out for some exercise, usually about a 45 minute hike.  After that it is my turn for exercise –  kettlebells & bodyweight workouts and sometimes I’ll break it up and go to the gym.

#2 breakfast @ about 8:30 – veggies, avocado & eggs (my favorite!)  I’ll catch up on the emails while eating & review the plan for the day.

Around 10:00 is time for breakfast #3 (or lunch #1) which is usually a smoothie (check out my recipe for No-Protein-Powder Smoothie in the Genesis Recipe section of the website!)

Midday lunch:  Spaghetti squash w/meat sauce (emu & turkey & tomato sauce with ‘man spices’) and a huge salad slathered in extra virgin olive oil and a heady balsamic vinegar.

As the day winds down so does my mental prowess so I’ll shift from the heavy work (business plans & serious emails) to the lighter side – maybe research a topic online or experiment with a recipe.

Dinner will be served @ 6:00 (Grilled chicken, grilled zucchini & a huge salad.)

You know, change doesn’t HAVE to suck.  I now end virtually every evening with some casts on the river.  That be some good change, there.

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