Watch This: KING CORN

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Released October 12, 2007

Directed by Aaron Woolf

90 minutes

Ian and Curt

This film follows a valiant quest; the undertaking of college friends Ian Cheney and Curtis Ellis to grow an acre of corn.  Not exactly ‘Mission Impossible’ I know – but Ian and Curtis take you to some seldom visited links in the American food supply chain…and some of those links are very revealing.

For instance the team breaks down the corn subsidies program, which literally pay the farmer to grow the crop.  Without being paid by the government – farmers would lose money by growing the stuff.  This impossible fact is made easy to understand by the film – although I still scratch my head at the math.

What I truly appreciate about the film is the importance of the content paired with the absence of preaching.  You are left to decide how you feel about High Fructose Corn Syrup, about the dominance of industrial scale farming, and about the incredible role that corn plays in our economy.

King Corn is also fun to watch – not edge of your seat excitement – but Ian and Curtis have a lightness about the project that enabled me to take in the information and have a few laughs as well.

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