RN Advice: Interest vs Commitment

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What are you committed to that you will move heaven and earth to make sure it happens?  Your kids, your spouse, your job?  When we are interested in an activity, invitation, or task, we see if it easily slots it into our busy schedule.  When we are COMMITTED, we go to great lengths to rearrange our schedule to make it happen.

How committed are we to our own health and self-care?  Are we just interested and fit in our planning, food preparation, self-care, and exercise whenever it is convenient? Do we miss our weekly coaching appointment because we have double booked or something else has come up? Do we have excuses for missing our scheduled exercise? OR have we COMMITTED ourselves to making it happen no matter what?

For me, I am fully committed to my self care which mean no matter where I am, whether on vacation, on our boat, or with friends, I will do my morning meditation.  I will get up at 3 am if necessary, move my schedule around, ask my hostess for a quiet place, and do whatever it takes to get my 15 minutes of peace upon awakening.  It is that important to me.

Ways to increase your commitment:

• PLAN your food daily

• SCHEDULE exercise

• JOURNAL your thoughts and feelings


• Religiously practice SELF-CARE

• Continually ASSESS busy-ness


Take a few moments today and evaluate your commitments?  Are they inline with putting your health and self-care first or do you fit them in whenever it is convenient?

Coach Peggi Ingram, RN

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