Where’s My Trophy?

Posted on September 3, 2012 by


When do I get my Busy – Bee Trophy?

Last week, I was speaking with fellow GT coach and dear friend, Peggi, throughout the conversation she asked how I
was handling things with school on top of work, my reply was – I’ve adapted. I don’t feel crazy busy anymore, even
though I’ve added responsibilities to my schedule. She asked if this has been at my own expense – was I not taking care
of myself as well now since I was hard pressed for time? Did I have to skip out on my own care to make time for others’
needs? My immediate answer was of course – no, there is no way I could get through my schedule WITHOUT self-care
right now, absolutely not! I need to be my best every day and that only is achieved through clean food, water, exercise,
rest and elegant thinking, no less!

After our conversation was over, I thought about the question and my answer of adapting, I sat with myself for a
moment and wondered why I didn’t feel insanely busy anymore. Did I really adapt or was it something else?

What I realized is that my MIND shifted from victimizing myself as sooooo busy (while wasting energy on those thoughts
and feeling overwhelmed) to seeing my schedule as responsibilities that simply needed to get done in a day. Even
though I still cared for myself with food/rest/water/exercise….I was missing the fifth element of fat loss and self-care –
elegant thinking. This is JUST as important as clean food; gaining control of how you think is JUST as important as the
food you eat!!

My responsibilities and schedule did not change but rather my MIND changed from I’m sooooo busy to ah, I have to
make sure I accomplish x,y,z prior to calling it a day, THAT’S IT, no more no less, just what is.

I ceased calling myself busy as if I was going to win the busy-bee award and started doing what needed to be done,
WITHOUT thoughts associated to my work or school. I also realized a handful of people were draining my energy which
made me quite tired, I associated this exhaustion with my schedule, in reality it was simply the fact that I allowed others
to get into my mind and that exhausted me, I had slipped on my elegant thinking.

NOW, I do not allow myself to get caught up in anyone else’s business or drama or BUSY lives. Actually, I sort of giggle
when people tell me how busy they are – they too want that Busy Bee trophy.

To ease up your own schedule – look at the places that drain you, change the way you look at them and see them for
what they really are. Realize, EVERYONE has responsibilities to handle, by making yourself busier you do not get to put
a “freeze” on your body – your body will continue to degenerate if not cared for. Busy people just have to get creative
with time management is all. They too, can have the body they desire inside and out.

Elegant Thinking might be the only fix you need to rid yourself of a busy schedule!

Katie Surjan

Genesis Transformation Coach