“I Was Fed Up!”

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Kris, after

As a 5’7” fifty-two year old woman, I was fed up with my overall appearance, lack of fitness, and self care. I’d gradually added 3-4 pounds each year and done nothing about it. One day I hit 153 pounds, which was only 9 pounds shy of my weight when I delivered my son… My varicose veins were beginning to bother me again, and I was noticing how tired I would feel each afternoon. It was time for a change.

I’d watched a colleague of mine drop quite a bit of weight, and noticed her hair and skin take on a new vibrancy, so I asked her what she was doing. She told me about Genesis Transformation. I also heard for the first time how inflammation adversely affects us. Alzheimer’s is in my family, and anything I can do to promote better health and mental clarity can only serve me well. With all that in mind, two days later I spoke with Samantha at GT and she became my coach. That was the start of great changes for me!

After just four and a half months I was able to drop 25 pounds and a couple pant sizes. I’m currently at the weight I held for years and years; it feels incredible! My hair and skin have also changed; my nails are growing and strong, and I have energy throughout each and every day!  My colleagues now ask me what I’m doing. Happily, I’ve just begun the maintenance stage!

Following the program has been relatively easy. My coach helps set the week’s goals for eating and exercise, and I just need to do what I’m asked. Strength training and yoga are activities I’m now involved in, and it’s awesome to feel my muscles (many of which I’d forgotten I had) becoming firmer and toned.  Learning more about food choices, nutritional value, and ways to be healthier are things I’m very interested in. Genesis Transformation has been the lifestyle change I desperately needed! Thank you Jenny for inspiring me, and thank you Samantha for joining me on my journey!

 Kris C
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