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It’s February 29th, I have completed coach’s training and gained access to the coach’s forum.   I see the themes for the newsletters and my eyes land on JULY: INDEPENDENCE – my heart brightens, my face turns into a huge smile and tears of pride swell up at 5 am….leap day.  Hmmm, did I ever take a LEAP in the last year, and I landed with both feet on the ground, running!

Not only was I born as an independent baby, July 4th 1977, I have become profusely aware of my freedom in the last year, complete and utter freedom to do with what I may, to be who I was born into this world to be and it all started by little Miss Sheri Lynn telling me to slowly cut a few foods out of my diet.

When you clean up what goes in your mouth you inadvertently clean up your life – you transform into a better you.  As great as I thought my life was, it is now immeasurably better.  I have leaped into a free world that is my blank canvas to paint. I get to make all of the choices with color, texture, the amount of effort and time invested into my portrait, it’s all my own independent will, to do or not to do, to reap the benefits of self-care or to face the struggles of poor choices….it’s my right and freedom to make that choice, I get to decide my consequences for my behavior.

I am free to think, act and consume what I may.  I am the only one responsible for my self-care.  My outcome is SOLELY my responsibility.  As an independent thinker, I get to make the choice.  I am excuse and justification free.  My health is number one priority  whether I’m at  a wedding, on vacation, a late night in the office or family reunion, I have made it my choice to step up and make sure I care for myself no matter what….and I love that responsibility!  I am FREE to live my life just as I CHOOSE!

Coach Katie Surjan


Katie Surjan

Genesis Transformation Coach