My Personal Freedom

Posted on July 8, 2012 by


Coach Jayne Ottman, RN

I decided to look over the personal goals I had written back in June of 2000 and thought it interesting to share.  It was significant because I was designing my own health-based education practice at that time, eliminating careers that had served me well but had run their course and moving to a more suitable location that filled my heart.  It was the start of my independence in most every aspect of my life.  I easily purged items that I once thought I couldn’t live without, created beautiful gardens and meaningful spaces in the new cabin and made connecting with friends a priority.  I examined my values and established goals and tasks in which to achieve these.  I dreamed a vision and then made it my life.  Much like Genesis Transformation.  Only back then, my physical health was on a fast decline and I was oblivious.

Twelve years later, I realize that a HUGE component was missing from back then-the way I ate and my relationship with food.   Real personal freedom meant that I needed to address these issues and make some radical changes.  I had gained 30 lbs, my knees and wrists hurt, and the activities I loved the most seemed to kill me.  Advil was my best pal.

Real freedom meant addressing my addiction to sugar, figuring out how to drop the 30 #’s of fat and getting in shape without more damage to my joints.    Genesis Transformation’s principles gave me the game plan but it was my awesome coach that put up with me for that long who never gave up.  There were times I sure wanted to.

Freedom means mindfully choosing nourishing foods that provide me energy and supportive nutrients; it means wanting to eat an apple for dessert rather than habitually shoving chocolate in my mouth to “satisfy my sweet tooth”.  It means loving my body, paying attention to the subtle and not so subtle signals that she provides me each day; it means designing new goals and making sure my actions are congruent with them.  It means honoring my values and living out these practices daily.  It means keeping a promise to myself with authentic action and to be willing to embrace the challenges that come with change.  It means releasing old beliefs in order to know miracles.  It means listening, asking for help and showing kindness with every action.  I work on this daily.  I am not perfect.

This I know, there are tides in your life that will carry you forward or back and you have the choice to get on the front of the wave.  Contact a GT coach and get started.  You will then discover meaning of ultimate freedom.

Coach Jayne Ottman, RN

Jackson, WY