Two VERY Pink Lines – a pregnancy journal

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Amy at 10 weeks

As a Labor and Delivery/Postpartum Nurse, and a mom of a 15 month old, I’m well aware that every pregnancy is different. At week 4, I was bound and determined to make this pregnancy different from my first.  I wasn’t going to get fat! I had gained fifty pounds with my daughter, Remington, and held on to most of it after delivery.  I started my journey with GT having seen what an amazing Transformation my mom had made. Week 5, Sheri Lynn came to town for JumpStart.  This was so motivating. I truly learned a LOT.  Some of it was hard to handle about my attitude, my actions, and my relationships. It all clicked that my outlook on those things were in direct relation to the food I eat. I was motivated to stick to a clean-eating lifestyle.

Well, it was all great until week 8 when the massive cravings began.  I wanted to eat everything naughty under the sun – and I did just that. I knew full-well the consequences and 5 weeks later I am still paying the price! My allergies have almost knocked me out and I notice it too in my attitude. So I came up with a plan, I was going to get back to eating clean.  Unfortunately, I started relying on my “future-self,” that shady b!tch! Well guess what…didn’t work. Dang it, Sheri Lynn was right (and I was wrong…go figure!)

I am now in week 11 and have just started my new job working full-time as an L&D/Mother-Baby Nurse.  I come home EXHAUSTED!  Many factors contribute to that exhaustion: I’m sick because my body is rebelling, I’m in my first trimester (which makes me so nauseous I have no desire for food or I feel like I’m toting around 100 pounds of bricks all day), and I’ve been feeding my body CRAP expecting it to work at optimal performance. So, I decided, I’m not relying on my “future-self” anymore.  That chick always come home tired and will not plan her food for the next day. I’m just going to DO IT!  My baby and my body will thank me.

Amy Zimmerman, BSN, RN

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