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Katie with a client

4am:  Wake-up, weigh in, observe my changes and write it down.   Let my dog out while I get coffee started, pour my first 32 ounce water bottle. Feed Elliott.

4:15:  Brain Dump and an “I am grateful for” page – I have a 70 hour school/work week right now and out of town on weekends, therefore; my mind races often about what I need to get done.  To fix this I do what I call brain dumps. I write all of that “busy-ness” out on paper and close the notebook.

4:35 First 32 ounces of water is gone, grab my yoga mat, 11 minutes of meditation on the floor.  I take a few extra minutes of deep breathing.  I feel amazing and ready for my day.

5:00 Enter my numbers in GT journal for the day, Start a load of laundry, fold a couple of baskets that have accumulated over the week and pop my chicken breasts in the oven for meals today.

5:30 Make breakfast, half now and Package half for mid-morning meal.  Fill another Nalgene water bottle – 32 ounces.  Breakfast consists of eggs with chopped cabbage salad and an apple, eat while replying to email and pull chicken out to cool before dicing

6:15  Switch loads of laundry, clean the kitchen/dishes, shower & get ready for work

7:15 Measure foods out for the day and pack my cooler – I bring all food with except for dinner, I don’t know how long my day of work will be and what errands will arise.  It is easier to bring with rather than have to return home for food or skip a meal. Fill another Nalgene bottle.  Reply to emails again and take puppers for a walk around the neighborhood

7:55 It’s Friday, wooohooo, easy day with no school, head out to my accounting job only a few blocks from my house, I arrive at 8:00.

8:45 Eat the rest of my eggs with cherries at my desk.

11:30 eat a chicken and cabbage salad with a side of strawberries and cherries at my desk, another 32 oz. water fillup

1:55 Finished working, I’ve done well on a couple of tests this week, I put my time in where I needed to and think I deserve a treat for the hard work, I have a free hour before I need to be home… to get a pedicure for my special treat  Before I enter the nail salon I eat chicken salad with cucumber/tomato/avocado/balsamic and an apple in my car.

2:15 Pedicure, aaaahhhhhh, go over client notes I wrote yesterday before my 3:15 appointment

3:00 Home, play with Elliott for a few minutes and write a grocery list while waiting for client to call in.

3:15 – 4:45 Coaching

4:45 write up files and eat a snack of chicken and a few cherries

5:00 Head out to Grocery Store and Health food store with another 32 oz. of water

6:15 Back home, unload groceries and start cooking for the weekend and dinner.  My husband and I live aboard our boat every weekend, 2 hours from home.  GT makes my weekend’s sooooooo easy.  I’m pretty tired right now but if I just make my food and package it up for the weekend, I don’t have to think about food all weekend or have to take time to make anything it’s all there and ready to eat!  I’m prepared for whatever Saturday and Sunday brings because my food is cooked, chopped and on hand.

7:30 I missed Kettlebell training today but that doesn’t stop me from getting 20 minutes in, I do Turkish Getups, Windmills and then an 8 minute Tabata workout with snatch and clean and jerk.

8:05 Dinner: Already prepared while I was cooking for the weekend.  Ground Turkey taco salad with Arizona dreaming salt free seasoning ( – thank you Kelly Elmer!)  Sauteed onion, garlic, green and red bell pepper, jalapeno pepper, diced tomato, and avocado all on top of a big bed of mixed greens, I squeeze lime juice over it for dressing. In my wine glass is sparkling lemon water with fresh lemon – 33 oz.  Smile at the good week I had and put my feet up with a little mindless TV.

8:40 Upstairs to pack my bag for weekend.  Although I have more fat to lose until goal, I looooove packing my weekend boat bag nowadays – it has bikinis, tanks and shorts rather than tankini’s and long pants or capris to cover my legs.   It’s fun to fit into my old clothes again 

9:30 FINALLY call my husband, who is already at the boat, talk for a few minutes and lights out!  Ready to wake up, workout, pack my foods and I’m prepared for a successful weekend of clean foods.


My Greatest Challenge was giving up wine.  I REDUCED the amount I drank but still would have it on the weekends; I now realize my body doesn’t work like a weekend warrior anymore like it did 5 years ago.  I struggled every weekend, every girl’s night out, every family event, BBQ, holiday, etc. It just didn’t seem fair that I worked so hard at the gym but couldn’t lose fat because of a little wine here and there.  I finally said, life is short, I want to enjoy it (yeah it’s short when you consume poo)  I thought maybe if I didn’t eat all of that food my coach gave me AND worked out at the gym I could still have wine on weekends so I quit GT.  My coach was more than supportive, she couldn’t wait to have a break from me!  After quitting, I gained 20 of the 30 pounds back because I had used GT as a diet.  I didn’t make too many lifestyle changes so went back to old habits.  I realized this and decided to give GT and myself 100% effort.   I was finally ready to start, really start and follow the directions.   I contacted Sheri, let her have a good laugh, luckily she took me back on and I got down to business.  I guess 3rd time is a charm, I followed all directions, including no wine, got through those 1st couple weeks of discomfort and detox and then OH…..MY…..GOD, I felt SO GOOD and the scale was moving south as a bonus!

 What Kept Me Going is the way I felt, I have never felt so focused and in control of EVERYTHING.  I know what I want and I’m willing to work for it.  Prior to clean eating, I felt on the go and frazzled, like I had an unfair amount of “stuff” on my plate, I felt stuck and my work was redundant.  After eating clean and feeling better and better, I continued to gain confidence to be who I really am and do what I LOVE for a living – nutrition/fitness.   I changed directions completely and that landed me a 70 hour work/school week WHILE EATING CLEAN and oh my goodness I feel so in control of it all!! My week went from being completely chaotic and “busy and out of control” with approx. 35 hours of work to a controlled, fulfilling, rewarding, passionate life at  70 hours of work/school.   I am driving my ship….FINALLY!  And it all started by eliminating junk out of my body.  I feel so good and most days feel like I can take on whatever the world throws at me after cleaning the junk out of my diet.  I don’t ever want to lose this feeling!

The Advice I would Give to a Newbie is LOVE yourself for stepping up to the plate for YOU, and BE PROUD, oh so proud of yourself for being this brave, this journey will test yourself in every aspect of your life.  Be proud of how STRONG you are for trenching through those difficult times because it is so worth it on the other side.  A few minutes of discomfort while making a choice of health over chocolate is worth all of the many benefits you open yourself up for.  You get to CHOOSE to do whatever it is you want in life and after getting through a few obstacles of FOOD; you’ll be presented other opportunities and obstacles with a new set of skills and personality traits – your TRUE personality, not one induced with hormones and chemicals.  You will portray and OWN self-confidence, self-respect, integrity, self-love and enough energy to go after your dreams whether it be to play ball with your child or to start a new career.  You’ll be able to do it all when your level of self-care is at a heightened state.  BELIEVE in yourself and TRUST this process. FOLLOW THE DIRECTIONS.  If this former cheese, cracker and wine lover that quit twice can do it so can you!  Once I understood what all of this talk about feeling good really felt like, I was so onboard I became a coach – I want to help anyone I can obtain this state of empowerment and gain lifelong tools for success.  DON’T QUIT, even through the difficult times….because THAT is where the magic happens and you are so worth having magic in your life!

The aspect of Transformation that continues to challenge me on a daily basis is to work through whatever I feel resistant to, or have a fear of.  I have already transformed my habits in regards to food, exercise, water, meditation and rest, but that was for my cells and body.  That doesn’t mean my transformation is over, if I’m not growing as a person, I’m dead – just like a plant.  Currently I am working on whatever I’m resistant too.  For instance, I have a fear and very resistant to public speaking; therefore, I am in the process of writing seminars to present in front of groups that need and want this info.   I embrace my resistance because it challenges me to grow and expand as a person.  It crosses my comfort zone and that’s the only way to keep living, is to continue growing!

Wow, how HASN’T it changed my life is more like it. I’ve changed careers from cost accounting to personal trainer and Genesis Coach, yet still have my fingers in accounting as a side job.  My relationships are all so much more meaningful, probably because I have more patience and ZERO drama policy    My energy is up, my attitude is always positive.  I welcome and embrace challenge.  I’m helping people change their lives. I LOVE my life, I am so grateful for my new life, what a shame to have gone through my old way of living forever (and I thought it was pretty darn good when I had nothing else to compare it to!)

My Favorite Food would be anything my husband makes, mostly because I didn’t have to cook it and also because of his great cooking skills – he’s a fan of GT,  loves that we finally have steak and potatoes present!  He sure has been helpful with my journey and a huge support!  My Favorite GT recipe is Raw Cacao treats made with raw coconut nectar, Liquid stevia extract, Virgin Coconut oil, Vanilla Bean and I add unsweetened shredded coconut.  I’m sure it’s in the new cookbook, if not, email me and I’ll get you David’s yummy recipe.

My favorite workout setting is the beach, my favorite type is anything kettlebell and also Xtend Barre – for those of you in the Chicago land area – give V Fusion a try.  It is A…MAZ…ING.  I can’t make it through a class with ONE pound dumbbells – THAT is how well each muscle is targeted.  I love it.  I also enjoy restorative yoga and meditation for my rest/stretch days.

 MUSIC depends on my mood, some days I like to feel girly and relaxed so it’s Madonna and Norah Jones or Maroon 5 and other days I like to pretend I’m a badass so it’s Eminem and Coldplay or I feel dancy and want a good beat so usher and pitbull.

I have several goals this year, the first being finish school.  I have a goal to share my knowledge of Genesis Transformation and it’s outstanding process with as many people as I can.  Everyone deserves optimal health and I want to assist them in achieving it!  I also plan to hit my fat loss goal this year!

What Inspires Me are my clients.  They are so strong, brave and trust this process.  I am inspired daily by each and every single one of them.  I thoroughly enjoy watching each of their processes, reaching mini goals, and all of the ah-ha moments, hahahaaa which are often  They all inspire me to push through challenges with my own journey and I love each of them for it!

Coach Katie Surjan


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