Summer Survival

Posted on June 1, 2012 by


Coach Michele John

Summer, the time of year we all yearn for.  Those  months that beg for time at the lake, the beach,  BBQ’s, family or class reunion.   With this comes all kinds of opportunities to eat pooh , backslide and sabotage all of your work in creating health and a vibrant body,  often times  because of the mind set of “I am on vacation, I can be on vacation from my intention, attention, accountability and health” takes over.

The beauty is, as thinking humans, we have the ability to change a pattern if we want to experience a different outcome.   When it comes to health and fat loss, there is no “on / off” switch.  Either you are doing or eating something to facilitate regeneration (health) or degeneration (disease).  Our bodies do not know we are on a vacation, they just react  to what is being ingested and from that a series of hormonal responses take place.   No emotions, excuses or stories ever change the outcome of this.   So what do we do now?

  1. Have a plan! (If you need help, talk to your coach or get on the support forum).
  2. Prepare for the plan to fail at some point!  This means you have to have a backup plan or safety plan for those unexpected moments.
  3. Stay on point (remember this is a lifestyle and not a short term effort for an even shorter term result).
  4. Get great eating  tips while traveling by using the GT forum “Road Warriors” to seek out travel tips.
  5. Look into past issues of GT newsletters, the GT recipe section or GT Cookbook for great travel friendly foods that contain easy to take along protein, carbs and fat recipes.
  6. If you are eating out or at a BBQ, ask for your protein to be grilled with no seasonings and  take advantage of fresh seasonal fruits and veggies.
  7. Take your workouts outside and on the road!  Now is a great time to get innovative with body weight workouts while enjoying a hike, walk or run.
  8. Take time out to rest…find a hammock, deck chair by a pool or beach towel, slather on some sunscreen and take a nap.
  9. With the longer days, use the sunrise or sunset to sit down and enjoy some meditation out in nature.

What better time of year to enjoy all of the benefits of your healthful efforts? 

 Coach Michele John