Clean Travel Advice

Posted on June 1, 2012 by


Coach Jayne Ottman

Travel-oh how summer beckons and we can’t wait to leave our jobs, our worries far behind and do the things we love to do.

But then, “how do I eat?” is the common question that my clients often ask.  It’s easy, really it is.

Let’s see, you take the time to prepare the clothes you’ll wear, get your favorite sunscreen, travel toys, get the oil changed in the car perhaps…so why is “what will I eat” such a big deal?  Because travel usually means eating junk…not paying attention, loading up on past favorites like car candy, sodas, chips and fast foods.  And that not paying-attention-type of-eating is what got you into the mess you want to quickly crawl out from, right? We’ve all been there.  Might I divulge that my favorite car junk was Nibs…yup!  Corn syrup, dye and then the sugar high followed by wrists that ached and couldn’t function.  Not anymore though.

Here are some tips for travel, some from my clients and some are simply common sense.

  1. Pack a cooler full of nutritious satisfying snacks.  I love guacamole dip (that I make) with cucumber wedges for dipping.  Fresh carrots and celery also are handy.  Sliced and cored apples and oranges are loaded with fiber, which helps with constipation from sitting a lot in a car.  Fresh fruit, watermelon, berries, grapes provide hydration as well nutrition. Hard Boiled eggs, at least 2, will get you through any protein crisis.
  2. Make a double smoothie for sipping as you drive along throughout the day
  3. Nut butters, almonds, walnuts, hummus and eggplant dips are great.  Rice cakes or rice crackers are ok in moderation for you newbies.
  4. Chicken breast/cooked ahead makes for a great salad-bring a bag of greens for easy preparation. Sprouted grain wraps are an option for sandwiches.  Fillings made ahead make it easy to fix either of these on the road.
  5. Water—1 gal for sure and then some
  6. Tea bags, iced tea, lemons, Stevia
  7. Google the restaurants in the area you will be travelling, review menus and give them a call to see if they are willing to modify some items
  8. When you arrive at your destination (if it’s a town not a campground), find the nearest grocery store and stock up on fresh fruit, veggies, avocados, HB eggs, etc…
  9. If you’re staying at a motel, ask for a frig in your room.
  10. Bring your blender like a Bullet for easy smoothie fixin’.

Most of all, be at peace with what you are eating and feel grateful for the opportunity and willingness to open your world to new and satisfying options.


Coach Jayne Ottman, RN