RN Advice: Spring Renewal

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Spring is a time of renewal.  With the refreshing rain, flowers and trees burst open canvassing a lush palette of color everywhere. The world regenerates from its long winter of rest and refueling.  Energy escalates as the sun warms and the days lengthen.  

 Our bodies have seasons just like nature. We too have experienced the harsh summer elements of drought, malnutrition, and stress.  Life goes on but at the expense of our color and vitality as we wither and shut down. Eventually, if our bodies are not cared for, we will experience disease and/or die.

 This spring as you enjoy the vibrancy of your surroundings, take stock of yourself.  Have you spent the necessary time regenerating and refueling?   Does your body feel and exhibit the glow of renewal?  If you are experiencing illness, stress, or lack of energy maybe it is a time to do a little spring cleaning in your life.  Remove the excess junk (stress, unnecessary tasks, poo food, and negative thought patterns) and refuel. 

 Take the necessary steps to wellness: CLEAN FOOD, WATER, EXERCISE, REST, and ELEGANT THINKING. You too will feel the vibrancy of spring and renewed health.

Coach Peggi Ingram, RN


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