Sheri’s Rants # 37: Yes, actually, YOU CAN.

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There’s a lengthy, predictable list of excuses that folks present to me about why they can’t do certain things regarding their self care.  Among them are genetics, low thyroid, too busy, and it takes too much attention.  Another myth is that a person can’t possibly travel or vacation and keep the self care up.  Below is a story from Jill, a client joined in Genesis Transformation by her mother and sister.  She talks about how her family makes it all very, very do-able…

Jill, left, 'before' (w/ Marilyn)


I just got back from a fabulous girls trip to New York City with two of my favorite women in the whole-wide world – my mom, Marilyn and my sister, Mariah.  We are especially lucky as my Mom brought Genesis into our lives and all three of us are now blessed with health, vitality, and some smokin’ hot bods!!  This is a relatively new experience for us (most particularly the bodies – collectively, we have lost about 160#), and it was so much fun!  We were able to swap clothes AND we were able to support each other in maintaining our healthy lifestyles while on vacation.

My mom and I have been taking this trip together – going to NYC every other year to see shows, go to the museums, and just enjoy and absorb city life.  Four years ago, when we took this trip we were living very different lives.  I was wearing size 16-18 clothes and although I worked hard to dress nicely and liked to look cute, for me it was always tempered by the fact that I never looked the way on the outside that I pictured myself in my own head.  It was always a bit startling to see my own image and what size I actually was – in pictures and in reflective surfaces.  This was emphasized by the simple fact that, when walking around the city, I never would look at my own image in windows or doors.

Right before that trip four years ago, my mom had just had her initial meeting with her Genesis coach.  She also was incredibly frustrated with her body…feeling desperate to lose weight for her health and to keep up the lifestyle that she enjoyed as an avid outdoorswoman.  I thought she was a bit crazy with her new ‘fad’ and was just watching her to see what would happen.

Jill, left, 'after' (w/ Marilyn)

As we fast forward four years, Genesis has changed the health of our entire family. Mariah has joined me and my mom on our Genesis journeys.  Gradually, our whole family has adapted to healthy eating and exercise, but my mom, my sister and I have all lost significant amounts of weight.  We’re all in better shape than we have ever been in, or could have even imagined!

As I reflect on this vacation, I would like to share some of our tricks for maintaining success while traveling.  There are basics, which include:

1.) Making sure to preplan. For me, that includes pre-planning sample days for the calories assigned by my coach and printing out those menus (in case I don’t have internet access for some reason).

2.) Investigating local restaurants online, including looking over menus and plugging in potential meals.

3.) Plugging in standard meals, which are available at most regular restaurants.  (One of my favorite travel lunches is a Cobb Salad with avocado, grilled chicken, and hard boiled eggs – I order mine without cheese, bacon, or extras).

4.) Planning for simple snacks such as an apple and a scoop of protein powder (for morning and afternoon).   I also carry protein bars with me as emergency snacks if I’m having difficulty finding healthy food that includes protein/carbs/fat.

5.) Making sure my hotel has a fitness room (to keep up with workouts) and in-room fridge (to store fresh produce).

We also have a few special tricks developed by trial and error:

1.) Hotel room steel cut oats (a recipe developed by my mom).  She soaks the oatmeal overnight in the hotel-room coffee pot.  In the morning she heats it up and has fresh, home-cooked oatmeal.

2.) I ALWAYS carry my protein powder in my carry-on luggage, so that I am never without it.

3.) WATER! This last trip we bought 2.5 gallon jugs of water to remind us to drink up!

4.) Find a near-by health food store where you can stock up on fresh food.

Jill, Mariah, Marilyn in NYC

My reward for my Genesis lifestyle is my new size 4 body!   Now, I look on the outside exactly the way I picture myself inside my own head!  In exchange for staying on track, I know that my body will treat me well as I travel. During this most recent trip, we three gals were able to walk for miles in NYC, stay healthy despite exposure to people with colds on the plane, truly enjoy the delicious food at restaurants we researched before our trip, and come home from vacation without any of us having gained a single pound!  Now, where shall we go next?

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