Diary of a Hot Mess

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katie 1 editedDoes this sound familiar?  You went on vacation and upon your return you’re feeling a little less motivated than you were a week ago, or perhaps shocked at the scale, discouraged about eating dessert at a graduation party (EACH graduation party for the past 7 weekends), maybe drank alcohol at cookouts, concerts or out to dinner with your hubby.

After partaking in one, or all, of the above activities, we may feel pretty well out of sorts…like a hot mess, if you will.  Read below for symptoms and strategies to pull out of the hot mess syndrome.

A HOT MESS’S THINKING BELOW: (Thoughts and consequences are excerpted from my own personal journal)

  • WHY did I eat that…I’ll run every morning this week AND go to boot camp at least 4 times this week.  (I overtrained my body and ended up with a knee injury a few weeks later)
  • After all the junk I ate and wine I drank this summer, I can’t eat what my coach wants me to and still drop fat. That much food will make me fat. (I took “a break” from GT and gained 25 pounds with this thinking)
  • I’m going to act full so I can start rotation and then I’ll REALLY lose some weight. (I didn’t allow my metabolism to reach it’s peak performance in fueling)
  • My weight dropped after having wine and eating less food last weekend, hmmm, maybe I’m better off not eating so much food.  (My weight was up 7 pounds the following week while detoxing and eating less food)
  • If I eliminate all carbs this week I’ll be able to quickly take off extra weight from family parties (I ate potatoes, rice and watermelon in large quantities by day 3 of no carbs)
  • I have to ask my coach about doing a flush to remove the 3 MONTHS of altered activity in 3 DAYS.  (Didn’t have the courage to ask but drank protein shakes for one full day, then starving next day and ate poo at family party, blamed my family for MY actions)
  • If I drink a gallon of water I’ll retain water weight. (I gain each day I don’t get one gallon in)
  • This isn’t living – I need to have chocolates and wine and pizza. (Trying to excuse addictions I resisted changing)  Once removing the junk holding me back – NOW I’m living)
  • This lifestyle will never work for me, my friends and family will never eat like this, I can’t have any fun living like thisAh – that was my favorite thought!  This lifestyle that “wouldn’t work”…worked so well and created so much joy that I now teach it for a living!   Many of my friends & family have decided to eat cleaner, my husband and I have an even stronger relationship, and my Mom is now down 55 pounds while removing pharmaceuticals daily.  Good thing I didn’t let my hot mess, detox thought win when change was feeling hard.


  • BE HONEST WITH YOUR COACH, we are well equipped to handle these thoughts and will know exactly how to help pull you out.  Trust your coach!!!  You will NEVER be judged by your coach – you can see from above….we’ve been there, we get it!
  • DRINK A GALLON OF WATER EVERY DAY, flush these toxins out of body and brain!
  • MEDITATE –  find a good yoga studio to learn from or ask your coach how to start a practice.
  • WALK OR GO TO A YOGA CLASS – move your blood around.  Your coach will advise you on which exercises/cardio is best for your current state.
  • RID YOUR BRAIN OF NEGATIVE SELF-TALK, we are the creators of our thoughts, therefore; we have the power to change them.
  • GET INTO A PLACE OF GRATITUDE – when we are full of gratitude, it’s REALLY difficult to be negative or upset with ourselves.
  • JOURNAL – Both food and thoughts.  Hot mess journaling is hilarious…..when read at a future date.
  • RELAX AND ENJOY YOURSELF – really understand GT is a journey that just keeps expanding with new growth, results and knowledge.  GT is not a diet.
  • #1 SECRET: FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS 🙂  We are a product of our thinking. If we think this isn’t going to work….well, we probably will keep self-sabotaging so it doesn’t work.  When we trust the process….magic happens and our lives change in incredible ways.

Rock On all of you awesome people taking your health to the next level! Keep up the amazing work you are doing and allow the benefits to manifest 🙂

Coach Katie Surjan