A Workout Junkie Sits Down…

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My doctor told me that I was unable to work out for four to six weeks, and I was literally CRUSHED!!! Where do I get my adrenaline from? I am a workout junkie. The last month has been very difficult… learning how not to work out and keeping a positive outlook on myself, let alone the foods I was eating. My GT coach Katie stood by me and talked me through this brick wall as I tried yoga, was ready to give up, gained two pounds and ate comforting foods.

Each week I was fighting myself, my mind and my need for the adrenaline rush from intense workouts. As a suggestion from Katie I tried a simple meditation for nearly two weeks.

I would never believe it myself: me meditate? Yeah Right!!!  Me, sit still??

I had doubts and didn’t understand what closing my eyes and seeking quiet was going to do for my need for adrenaline. I have to tell you: what a break through!!!!

My thoughts are clearer, I am calm, more aware of my life style, my energy is increasing and I feel accepting of who I am. I know now that it is okay and normal to have these intense, stubborn feelings. Listening to yourself through meditation is incredible and a feeling that the world just opened its doors for you. I even meditated at work for ten minutes in the morning. With calming music, my eyes closed and deep breathing, I was allowing myself to listen to my mind, spirit and soul. I had a fabulous day and continue to do so even without my intense workouts. My need for adrenaline is not as important as listening to myself as a whole person.

For all the adrenaline junkies (like me) don’t overwork your body like I did…. add meditation into your weekly schedule and notice the positive difference.

Bernadette K


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