It’s Time For Your First Love!

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When we love ourselves by caring for ourselves – we clear space in our head and heart to be fully present and share that love and energy with others.   When we practice self-love, we know what respect, patience, compassion, and commitment means and how it feels.  Soon, we notice we treat others with this same respect, compassion and patience.  It all begins by putting our own health first.  Mothers cringing?  Read on…

If we put everyone else before us, our health will eventually take a turn for the worse and we may develop resentment or self-pity.   That doesn’t feel good inside of us so we might create stories that begin with:  we are mothers of small children or children with sick parents, I work too many hours and much too busy to cook.  Yet the minute someone needs us at work or home, we don’t hesitate one second to help them.

What do we do when our car’s gas tank is empty?  We stop, to fill it back up.   It’s that simple for humans too!  When we’re running on fumes, we must stop, to refuel.  This happens by saying no, scheduling alone time at the gym or manicurist, by taking a special meditation class or even setting an alarm just 15 minutes earlier each day.   We are all worthy of self-love and self-care.   This makes us a more complete, happy and present person.

Would you prefer to be around a happy present person or a stressed out, unhappy, dramatic person full of excuses?

I often hear from clients “I just wish I could get away from all of the stress”.  We can!  By waking up those few minutes earlier than the rest of the clan, rather than hitting snooze.  You can enjoy meditation, a cup of coffee in peace, a warm breakfast without hearing MOOOOMMMMM, etc.  Before we start our day doing for everyone else, it’s important to refill our gas tanks by taking care of ourselves first.

I typically wake between  4 – 4:30 each morning, this gives me 2 hours to myself before my energy is being directed out towards family, friends and work.  I become my best self in the morning so I am FULLY present throughout my day.  I have plenty of time to meditate, cook, read, and do a few sun salutations.  By filling up my tank each day I have a clear head about me, no space is taken up with resentment, comparison or self-pity.

Food for thought:

How would you treat your family and coworkers if you woke up each morning with coffee brewed, clothes laid out, lunches made and backpacks organized?  These items are going to happen within 8 hours, you might as well accomplish them the night before.  How would it feel to wake up organized for your day, and to also have an additional 15-30 minutes by setting an alarm.   How would your kids start their days experiencing their parents so relaxed in the morning?  No stress, cussing, arguments or threats of grounding?   How would you treat your family, friends and coworkers throughout the day?   Do we see how taking care of ourselves first, we are so much better for everyone else.  We are not selfish or less busy than anyone, we just make choices to put self-care at top priority to be the best US possible.

This month, try setting your alarm at least 15 minutes each morning for alone time, you don’t have to skimp on sleep – hit the hay 15 minutes early….it may change your world!

Happy Mother’s Day to all of you fabulous Mothers who give so much of yourselves day after day.   This month, refill – you’ve earned it beautiful ladies!

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