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I can’t believe it!!! Now I’m down 10 1/2 pounds!
I’m eating more and more.  11 days ago on Thursday I started to lower my insulin units – you’re supposed to do it 1 at a time. Before yesterday I had already lowered it by 7 units!!

Yesterday my blood sugar was low again when I woke up & I was going out & was afraid of going low so I lowered my insulin by 3 and skipped my morning diabetes pill ( I had also already eliminated one of the two morning pills). Now I had ZERO morning diabetes pills, lowered my insulin pills
In a test to see if my morning #’s would be higher I shredded TWO potatoes last night, tossed 1 TBSP of olive oil and baked AND ate them. I was actually hungry but I figured I’d see what my blood sugar was this morning. It was still low! I’m shocked.

Okay I’ve gone from 72 units of insulin down to 60(today). I’ve gone from 5 glucophage pills per day down to 2! ALL IN THE PAST 11 DAYS!!!! I’m going to start taking just one pill in the am & one in the pm and keep dialing down the insulin.

Anyhow the most impressive thing that has happened is definitely the effect on my blood sugar. Unbelievable!

I’m still forcing myself to eat more. We’ll see where this goes. Right now I’m ecstatic about my blood sugar.

Why doesn’t anyone else talk about eating protein with everything you eat to even out blood sugar spikes?

– Mary Ann

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