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From a Newbie Client…

February 3, 2013 by


I can’t believe it!!! Now I’m down 10 1/2 pounds! I’m eating more and more.  11 days ago on Thursday I started to lower my insulin units – you’re supposed to do it 1 at a time. Before yesterday I had already lowered it by 7 units!! Yesterday my blood sugar was low again when […]

RN Advice: Skin Deep

August 4, 2012 by


August is National Psoriasis Awareness Month.  Psoriasis is a chronic non-contagious, autoimmune, inflammatory skin disease affecting 7.5 million people in the United States.  The most common form is plaque psoriasis characterized by inflamed red lesions covered by silvery white scales.  These unsightly itchy patches usually appearing on the knees, elbows, lower back and scalp can […]

RN ADVICE: Fluid Fun

June 1, 2012 by


As the weather warms and we venture to outdoor fun, it is important we pay close attention to our water intake. With increased activities, temperatures and sun exposure, dehydration can happen quickly.  Our bodies are comprised of two thirds water and every bodily operation depends on it. Water: Lubricates and protects joints, bowels and organs […]

Sheri’s Rants # 57: FOR FASTER FAT LOSS…

March 3, 2012 by


Results.  That’s what you’re after, right?  You want to know, in as few words as possible, what to do to get the fastest results in the shortest amount of time.  This is the bottom line for anyone wanting to lose weight, right?  The multi-billion dollar diet industry has taught us to spend a lot of […]

RN Advice: Fatigue Epidemic

March 3, 2012 by


You’ve been burning the candle at both ends for months.  Work has been crazy and the demands at home are at an all time high.  You’re feeling short- tempered, exhausted, and depressed.  Sleep is not restful and you’re living on caffeine, carbs and adrenaline to get through the day.  You are not alone; 8 in […]