Sheri’s Rants # 57: FOR FASTER FAT LOSS…

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Sheri Lynn

Results.  That’s what you’re after, right?  You want to know, in as few words as possible, what to do to get the fastest results in the shortest amount of time.  This is the bottom line for anyone wanting to lose weight, right?  The multi-billion dollar diet industry has taught us to spend a lot of money chasing that elusive ‘lose weight quick’ promise.

If what you want is to lose weight at any cost, no matter what it does to your body;  no matter how gaunt, grey, aged, and saggy you end up – no matter what it does to your metabolism or your current and future health, then keep looking into and shopping those diets.  Keep up the old dated song and dance of exercise more and eat less.  You may eventually light on a regimen that strips you of ”weight’, life force, muscle, gall bladder, and strength adequately to fit into those smaller jeans.

If what you want is effective fat loss as quickly as possible, then you will need to accept one very important reality:


True fat loss – the kind that changes your shape, gives you vitality, youthing, and a deep sense of empowerment – that comes from increased health.


This means that if what you TRULY want is genuine physical change, you need to be willing to completely stop doing the things that keep you from achieving that.  Starting with what you put into your pie-hole.   A twinkie and a carrot do not do battle in your belly deciding which is going to take precedence.  The twinkie always wins, because toxicity is more powerful.   Consider this:  a gentle grandma bearing a smile and a big scary looking cracked-out guy with a gun enter your living room.  Who are you going to get rid of first?  The biggest threat, yes?  This is exactly how your body works.

Inflammation always wins.  No amount of carrots, wheat grass, or vitamin pills are going to overcome that twinkie.  You’re dealing with toxins, or your body is dealing with nourishment. Your system cannot do both.  It is a simple law of physics:  two things cannot occupy one space.  Toxic or nourishing. Degeneration or regeneration. Dying or living. You choose with every bite you take.

Hippocrates was a Greek physician born in 460 BC on the island of Cos, Greece. He became known as the founder of medicine and was regarded as the greatest physician of his time. He based his medical practice on observations and on the study of the human body. He held the belief that illness had a physical and a rational explanation.  His basic advice for health and healing:

“Let your Foods be your medicines, and your medicines your Food.” 

He is also attributed with this statement:  “First, do no harm.”

If what you want is truly physical change, be willing to stop hurting yourself.  Be willing to take a mature view towards the things that are well known, unarguably, and  indisputably, to be detrimental to your health.  No matter what. These include sugar, refined flour, corn syrup, sodas, chemicals and artificial sweeteners.  Start there. Don’t eat them at all.  Remember that what happens in your body is not an emotional decision – it’s physiological reality.

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