Sheri’s Rants #58: Protocol vs Process

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Sheri LynnDieting has taught us that when it comes to weight loss (and even wellness), we have to subscribe to a protocol.  We have learned to ask the question “What’s the Diet?” or “What is the protocol?” because we want to know what we’re in for – or what we will be deprived of – when we step on that particular train.

GT is very very different.  These questions about protocol are met with confusion by both our coaches and our clients – and I understand that confusion.  This is because the GT system is PROCESS based, not PROTOCOL based.

I did not develop a cookie-cutter diet that works for everyone.  I do not believe in a specific protocol of eating, nor do I have a secular attitude  about how folks ‘should’ eat for health and/or fat loss.  I learned to tailor the eating to match the individual – not just physically, but mentally as well.  In other words, the lifestyle changes that an individual can or will make are crucial to take into account.

This is where many popular protocols fall down.  There is a strong, secular system of belief about what is best for everyone, and then a list of foods to eat (or avoid).  But this is not how human beings change.  Human beings resist change – and when handed a secular protocol to follow without a path of how to do it in daily living, it is bound to fail.  Even in the face of immediate positive change – and in many cases, especially because of immediate positive change.  Change is powerful and many folks have a knee-jerk reaction that when things get uncomfortable  (different) to go back to what is comfortable (the same as they’ve always done).

Jackie’s story represents a common situation.  Overweight, in pain, and on multiple pharmaceuticals, Jackie attended a very expensive 14 day ‘cleansing retreat’ in the desert.  She attended classes, drank a lot of juice, learned some things, felt very different, got happy and went home.  Once home, she invested in new kitchen gear (juicer, tools), books, and had an array of expensive supplements she purchased at the retreat, which she lined up on her kitchen counter right next to the Fritos belonging to her husband.  Jackie’s husband is used to Jackie’s habit of new diet protocols, and has vehemently stated he is NOT throwing out his cherished junk foods this time for her latest ‘thing’.  Jackie does her best.  She’s shoving veggies into the fridge around the processed lunchmeat and cheese, she’s juicing,  she’s warming up frozen pizza rolls for her family in the microwave for dinner.  Then there’s a party.  It’s her mother’s 82nd birthday.  She allows herself cake and ice cream – the sugar hits her bloodstream, her brain chemistry shifts, and she has a couple cocktails.  After that she can’t seem to pull it together.  She feels like a failure.  She’s wasted money and time and  the juicer is now gathering dust but sometimes, she reports, she takes the supplements.

What Genesis Transformation does is provide a PROCESS.  We start where you are right now, and assist you to a healthier, leaner, happier place.  Our results reflect lean, vibrant, healthy people – and every path is different.  Every household is different.  Every lifestyle is different. We are individuals.  The protocol that works for one person will not work for another, yet we are used to buying into the protocol.  It is weird to folks that we do not present a protocol, a belief system in what everyone ought to eat.  At GT we’re used to people asking for ‘the diet’, and showing up to us with expectations of what they think we will ask them to eat or not eat.

I’m frequently accused of not drinking coffee or ‘obviously’ thriving on a raw vegan diet.  News:  I drink coffee and I eat a lot  of meat.  Locally sourced, humanely raised and grass fed meat, but meat all the same.

Some people thrive on high, clean carbohydrates, high protein, and low fat.  Others do better on lipids based eating. Someone else is going to thrive on root vegetables and another persons blood sugar will not tolerate root vegetables.  Yet another can eat bananas all day long and thrive and another does better without tropical fruit.  Not only that, but our bodies change over time!  What worked for me when I was 24 doesn’t apply now that I am 52 – although I must admit that at 52 I am stronger, leaner, and much happier than I was at 24.

Our brains can go crazy trying to assign a specific protocol to GT.  In our world of transformation, there isn’t one.  We’re into process.  This is what sets us apart from other systems and diets.  We don’t do protocol.  We do process.

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