FoOLiN wiTh mY mEnU…

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I must confess as I feel like such a fool.   I struggled with planning my food.  As a coach, you would think it would come so much easier, but still, I struggled.  I finally got a great grip on it and I wanted to share my tips with readers.  I finally hit that “sweet spot” Sheri talks about and it feels amazing.

I start out the morning with O.J. and my favorite low cal / heart healthy breakfast cereal.  It contains 6 grams of protein and since it’s made with rice syrup I am safe from the whole “sugar” issue. Skim cows milk rounds it out and you know, it’s fat free.

At my mid-morning meal, I eat a lovely bran muffin from the grocery store bakery. The best part is it cranks my fiber up to about 8 grams; I can feel my stomach rolling over as I type.  I know it has white flour and sugar but with all that fiber, how can it matter?

Lunch is microwave personal pizza, low on carbs but big on taste.  I do add on some extra pepperoni to it to get my protein up for the day.   Ok, here is an insider tip, when I eat saltier foods, I make sure I drink a solid 8 oz of diet soda and because of that I say bye- bye to swollen fingers, eventually.   Otherwise, I just stick to my 32 oz Jumbo Juice smoothie from the local health food place.  Who can go wrong with a giant blast of orange juice, frozen fruit, frozen yogurt and some honey to give a pop of sweetness?

Because I am often taking a little cat nap on my desk in the afternoon, and likely still full from the smoothie and pizza, I will often skip the mid-afternoon meal.  If I do need to eat, I just grab a high protein “power” bar. Man I love the ease of those little babies and since they contain 19 gms of protein I swear my biceps get bigger with each one!

You are going to love this recommendation for a super easy dinner.  I take gluten free, whole grain wheat noodles, add some spaghetti sauce, make a fabulous iceberg lettuce salad topped off with some organic, low fat, reduced calorie blue cheese dressing and my day is good!

These meals are quick, easy to find in the GT Journal Database and if you believe one word of what is written above I have to ask….who is the fool now? 

heee heee hee heee – Happy CLEAN Spring Eating!!

Coach Michele John