Kelly’s Journey: August 2012

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Overall July was a normal month with the exception of Fourth of July week. We got together with Peggi (also GT) and her husband and took our boats for a trip up the lake.  I’ve included a picture of our boats while we were docked in Port Washington WI.  I know many struggle with travel but with a little planing and preparation you can have a successful and enjoyable trip, whether it’s by car, boat or camper.

We start planning menus about two weeks out and explore the ports online to see where we will eat.  Usually one or two meals out during the trip and we look for places that serve fresh fish and grilled items.  Never be afraid to order special as most restaurants will accommodate. Then we build our shopping list and decide who buys what.  Emails fly back and forth with ideas and lists.

A few days before the trip I get out my shopping bags and place them near by so I can toss things in as I go. Then I begin to cook up items that I can freeze like grilled chicken and ground turkey meat with salt free taco spices. These are great on a salad and can be pre measured into portions.  I have a decent size freezer on the boat so I also bring lean beef for burgers on the grill.

Just before we leave I’ll pick up the fresh stuff like salad greens, avocados (ripe for now and some that are still hard for later) potatoes, and other items that wont keep as long.  We usually scope out a market or two in port in case we need to grab something along the way.  On this trip we planned well and did not have to use the market.  We enjoyed ourselves and as usual were sad to have to return home and back to work the next week.

My weight continues to move and as of this morning I’m at 168 pounds and beginning to get excited for my goal of 155.  Hopefully this will occur before Christmas.  What a gift that will be.

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