Windex vs Clean Food

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Windex vs. Clean Food…is there a difference?

Not when it comes to the mirror, both will you give you a beautiful reflection!  Prior to my journey with Genesis Transformation, the image in my mirror caused me a great deal of confusion AND pain.

The confusion came from my lifestyle at the gym and in the kitchen, people would tell me you are what you eat;  eat less, move more;  everything in moderation;  80% of the time eat well (Monday – Friday) and 20% of the time eat and drink what you want (Saturday & Sunday)

I followed all of that advice along with a daily workout consisting of AT LEAST one hour of high intensity cardio, even Saturday and Sunday.  I hardly ate all week long, consuming only protein, fats and water – no carbs.  Weekends I would consume alcohol and still not eat much during the day but would eat anything I wanted for dinner.  So WHY was I 50 pounds overweight?  WHY did my image look so chubby and out of shape in the mirror?  I had been thin and fit in the past, WHY was I gaining so much weight at 30?

I couldn’t change my body the way I wanted to, it just kept getting larger.  This led me to a great deal of pain and drama in my head about genetics, my career that I couldn’t stand, age and how unfair everything was.  When I would see a mirror I would think, she isn’t even me – who IS that?  That girl was not who I really was on the inside….or was she?

The way we treat ourselves on the inside and take care of ourselves is reflected back to us not only in the mirror but also in our relationships, careers, happiness level, energy level, and the list goes on and on.  Once you ALIGN your life with who you REALLY are, once you CARE for yourself through nourishment, ridding your body of toxins and hormone imbalances, once you stand up for your HEALTH, THEN you can and WILL love that person staring back at you in the mirror.

I knew all along that I belonged in an atmosphere assisting people to achieve their goals and to make them feel good about themselves.  I knew I belonged in the fitness and nutrition field but I chose not to, hence living a lie, causing pain and not being my true self.   Therefore, my true self was not present in the mirror, in my career, nor in my relationships.  Everything felt….off, until I cleaned up my foods, ADDED a huge quantity of food, ditched the cardio queen crown and started weight training.

Through coaching with Sheri and ridding my body of toxins, I have the privilege to stare back at the woman I have always known was hiding inside of me and she is just as beautiful on the outside as she was on the inside. 

Is that image perfect? Not at all!!  But I do enjoy watching that reflection work her but off towards progress!  I am now CONGRUENT from the inside out!

Who do you see in your mirror?  The person you love to be or one hiding behind a curtain of pain and confusion?  If you see someone hiding – give her a chance to break free and come to life!  Align your lifestyle with that person inside….I’ll bet she’ll impress the heck out of you!

GT Ladies Loving the Image in the Mirror


Katie Surjan

Genesis Transformation Coach