RN ADVICE: Self Care For a New You!!

Posted on December 31, 2011 by


Peggi Ingram, RN, Genesis Coach

Self Care is the theme as we start the New Year.  Many of us barely meet our most basic needs as we focus on our families, friends, and work.  In the back of our minds we know this is important.  We feel the frustration and effects of stress as we experience the lack of Self Care.  A new year begs us to ask:  What does it mean to REALLY take care of myself?

For those new to Genesis, Self Care is a priority that starts out with an emphasis on menu planning, preparation, and eating; lots of eating! During this fueling process you develop new sets of skills, your focus expands, and you fit additional tasks into your already busy day with increasing ease.  Your coach guides you in setting priorities within yourself to meet this important Self Care goal.

As you gain experience, meeting your nutritional needs becomes routine. Self Care now expands to daily journaling and prescribed workouts. You are now beginning to feel the benefits of Self Care and focus deeper into the needs of You.  The priority list has changed; you are now closer to the top!

Self Care gradually expands to include a daily meditation and becoming more in tune to self-presence. With this daily meditative practice peace and calmness come to your core.  Everyday life becomes less hectic and easily manageable. The priority list now has you at the top AND interspersed throughout.  Nothing interferes with your Self Care and surprisingly enough the demands of those around us are less; yet our relationships improve.

 Learning Self Care is a gradual process done with baby steps.  While it presents challenges the rewards are immense.  It is truly is essential to our physical and mental WELL-BEING. This January as you are considering your New Year’s resolutions make Self Care number one! (and maybe 2 & 3…..)

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