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I split my week, especially my mornings, with one of two “typical” scenarios.

4:32 am:  alarm goes off, often I am awake a few minutes before, slide out of bed without waking up my husband and 4 year old who probably crawled in with us at about 3 am.  Brush my teeth, splash water on my face, start fire and dress (in what I set out the night before).  Down stairs to feed the dogs, drink a quart of warm water with fresh lemon, start coffee, water for mid-morning tea and breakfast.

5 am:  out the door with a small snack, usually protein powder and apple, a shot of espresso and water.

5:30-7:00 am:  personal training client or class to teach at the gym

 If I am not meeting a client or teaching early, I am up at 6 am to start the morning routine, the difference being that I’m not as worried about being quiet!

7:00-8:00 am:  2nd quart of water and back home to help wrangle girls (Lillian 9 and Sage 4) and get my real breakfast; simmered apple in coconut oil with protein powder and cinnamon.

8:10-9:00 am:  time to get the girls to school and preschool and myself to work with enough food to last until 5pm, lots of fresh veggies and protein!

9:00-3:00 pm:  back to the gym for personal training clients or one of several classes I will teach throughout the week.

11:00 am:  a “snack” of green tea with hemp milk (made in my vitamix) coconut oil and vanilla stevia.

1:30 pm:  time for some food!

3:00-3:20 pm:  quick errands; grocery needs, post office, etc. along with a snack of more veggies and protein, thankfully I live in a small town and get a lot done in a short amount time.

3:20-5:00 pm:  pick up Lillian from 3rd grade then Sage at preschool and off to dance, art, Nordic ski league, the library or…?

5:00-8:00 pm:  home for dinner prep and homework, family dinner (at the table), kitchen cleanup, baths, pajamas, teeth and books.

8:00-9:30 pm:  quiet!  prep time for the next day’s clients and classes; eat 2nd dinner, pack lunches and chop veggies, pack bags and lay out clothes for the morning.

9:30-10:00 pm:  bed and book, usually just a few pages before I am sound asleep!


1. What was your greatest challenge when you began your Transformation?

The greatest challenge for me was explaining and defending my new lifestyle choices to my friends.

 2. What kept you going?

Once I got started it was easy to keep going because I felt so much better than I had.  My energy increased, my emotions leveled out and I felt great!

 3. What advice would you give someone just starting a Transformation?

My advice?  EAT!  Don’t rush through fueling!  It is a great place to be!

4. What aspect of Transformation continues to challenge you?

I still am challenged by the number on the scale.  Deep down I know my body is the real gauge but sometimes I still struggle with the number.

 5. How has Transformation improved your Life?

Genesis Transformation has improved my life in countless ways.  I have found a career path I love and mentally and physically I feel great!

 6. What is your current favorite food or meal?

Dinner is my favorite meal!  I eat two dinners each night; steamed veggies, protein, avocado and olive oil and I LOVE it!  I also love my tea with hemp milk, stevia and coconut oil, creamy and so satisfying!

7. Do you have a current favorite way to work out?

I enjoy mixing short, intense cardio bursts with my weight training.  I also love how challenging a body weight workout can be!

8. Whatʼs your favorite workout music?

My favorite workout music right now is somewhere between alternative and trendy pop…or any genre that the cast of “Glee” sings!

9. Do you have any goals for the next year?

My goals for 2012 include raising healthy, happy and confident girls while expanding my client list and learning as much as I can!

10. What inspires you?

I find inspiration in my two daughters, my husband, family and friends.  I am also constantly amazed by the strength I see in the people I encounter daily.

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