Sheri’s Rants #24 “How Long Does it Take to Shed The Pounds?”

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GUEST RANTER: Mary Anne McDowell, Genesis Client

Or are they really saying,“ I want to know if I would want to try that based on how long it took you!”Every time someone has a big weight loss that is the first thing people ask or want to ask. How long does Genesis Transformation take? I say are you asking about the process to be ready and honest with yourself, or the actual fat loss?

I remember watching an Oprah show about weight loss.  That poor woman has dieted her whole life, worked out,  has Bob Green living in her house and she still is just a person who asks of the guests on her show who have lost weight successfully, “How Long Did It Take?”  Her puppy dog eyes long for their success and her own to match.

Somehow it seems so immature a question.  It is so novice, so amateur.  Her true vulnerable colors are showing through.  When it comes to this subject, she is the most  visible yoyo dieter out there. She also has “diet head” in a way that clouds her logical thinking so that the question for her carries with it such emotion that I don’t think she even hears the answer.  I think of her often and for all of the good she does I wish for her peace with this struggle.

How long does GT take?  I asked that question because it was just one of those questions I thought I was supposed to ask any time I began a diet or a program or a class or a diet medication or a workout regime or  …..whatever.  I didn’t get a clear answer.  I figured I would just have to set a realistic goal and find out for myself how it would work for me.

I was always interested in my better health, but not really, just get the weight off fast without much interruption to my lifestyle and no inconvenience.  It didn’t take long to discover that the tried and true methods of Genesis Transformation “worked” much better if I implemented them in my life.  I made them my lifestyle and it was hard to keep up with the time then.  I could give you an answer to how much time it takes but would I only count the days I ate “clean” and got all of my food in?  Would I only count the days I worked out as prescribed and drank all of my water.  Gee, it didn’t take long at all.

So far my best and most successful periods of time are those when I come first in my day, where I am true to myself and what I am wanting to accomplish and when my convictions outweigh everything that “comes up”.  Set little goals to change little things and it is fascinating how everything changing a little over time is so easy.

How can you worry about time when you either know or can find out from a GT coach  what it takes to change a habit, when you know what it takes to love yourself enough to feed your body what it needs, drink what it needs to drink, give yourself all of the sleep your body is craving and think of yourself with enough respect that you would praise your successes and never criticize yourself for making small mistakes.  Just by making a habit of small successes makes things happen while time is passing and you don’t even notice it.

So it hasn’t taken long in my mind.  I haven’t noticed the time pass as much as I have noticed how good I feel.

I took weeks to really get the pantry cleaned out of things that were no longer going to be a part of my every day food intake just because I didn’t want to rush and move something out I might eventually want.  There was no haste to move them out but when they got in the way of the good food I wanted to store and have handy, it was time.  It was a baby step but now the pantry is totally changed over and it is easier to find what is needed for my meals without shoving cans and boxes aside that I wouldn’t be eating anyway.  I just stored the other food so that it would be there when company might want corn syrup or  brownie mix or something.  I gave lots of food away and it was fun.

Mary Anne

Mary Anne

I have been at this GT process less than 1% of my life and the improvements to my life and health have reduced my “real age” by more than 20%.  When people say you can change the way you eat and add some exercise to turn back your age and improve your health, it is true.  I knew that, I just couldn’t find a formula that was right and produced real results until Genesis Transformation.  Thank you Team for this added time you gave me back in my life!

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