What is the Best Trick for Fat Loss and Feeling better?!

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The question I’m most asked around this time of year:  How fast can I drop 10-15 pounds and feel better?

The unfailing, honest answer: “as fast as you can consistently drop the food, drink and stress causing you to store fat and feel like crap”.

What does Excess Fat Storage, Acne and High Blood Pressure all have in common?  They are all SYMPTOMS of inflammation in the body.  Yes, excess fat is the SYMPTOM, not the problem. 

A short list of inflammation causing foods: sugar, wheat, dairy, corn, alcohol, soda, most protein bars and energy drinks.

If I am consuming something that is causing inflammation in my body,  and inflammation is causing fat storage and fatigue…Logic states, in order to remove the excess fat, there is a need to remove the inflammation, and to remove the inflammation, is to stop consuming the inflammatory foods/drinks.

What we do today will show up tomorrow. Choose the banana and walk today, feel great tomorrow. Choose the apple pie, ice cream and diet coke today, wake up feeling achy, tired and bloated tomorrow.  This is not personal, this is Natural Law.

When we look through the lens of cause and effect, we recognize the quick fix is to consume what builds health and release what degenerates our health.  Read the ingredients label of what you consume, choose whole foods, ditch the processed foods and you will naturally start feeling better as you do no harm.  We have that much ability to direct our health through our food choices!!

There is nothing quicker, better working, cheaper and longer lasting to feeling better than simply removing what is the cause of DIS-EASE in your body.

When we use our rational mind, WE SEE THAT REMOVING WHAT IS CAUSING, the expanded waist, aches, pains, lethargy, insomnia, anxiety and so on….is really the only trick in town. 

Want to go from survival mode to thriving mode? Work these 5 simple items daily.

Genesis Transformation Stands on these 5 Pillars towards Optimal Health:

  • Hydrate your cells with fresh water – we recommend a gallon/day.
  • Nourish your body with real foods; shop the outer perimeter of your grocery store.
  • Move your body. Walk, Yoga, Dance, Lift Weights, Anything that moves your blood
  • Rest your Nervous System– Take a look at your schedule and see what you can cut out to alleviate busyness
  • Meditate – Sit with yourself, device free, for a bit and breathe.

Keep these next few weeks as simple as you can through the holidays. Choose how you feel tomorrow by what you eat and fill your schedule with today.

The Body Achieves, What The Mind Believes,
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Katie Surjan, GT Coach