Wherever You Go, There You Are

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Have you observed the little voice in between your ears lately?  Do you enjoy it’s perspective on your body and life?  Or does it sound more like a critic?  Is that little voice drawing conclusions and judgments of the outside world or is it enjoying the ability to create a new body and life?

What if we stopped fueling the critic for one day?  Who would you be and how would you feel if for ONE DAY, you let go of conclusions, ceased comparisons to others and halted judgments about your body? What if you let go of the thought of “I’m stuck”?  Instead, what if you noticed which activities felt good, like how nourished and alert you felt after a healthy breakfast.  What would happen if you focused on appreciating someone or something in your surroundings – like a warm bed, a refrigerator full of healthy food, a silly pet, a patient spouse, a hilarious friend, a walking partner, or if it’s a rough patch – appreciate the person who invented coffee!

If something feels good to you, appreciate the steps you have already taken to achieve that great feeling.  Appreciate some specifics like the ability to cook clean food or the friend that nudged you into a meditation practice.  (Thanks Pegster!)

How good does it feel to stop and recognize the distance you have already covered?   How good does it feel to have changed our lives so much, JUST by making some minor shifts?  And how many doors have opened once making those smalls shifts?  Does your move more freely, do you have more mental clarity, do you have more energy? I’m guessing it’s a yes, yes, yes.  Then keep on, more doors are awaiting your arrival.

GT’s Tagline is:  The Body Achieves, What the Mind Believes…our predominant thoughts, become our beliefs, our beliefs become our experiences.

Thoughts that are not working for us, might be working against us.  Are you paying more attention to what you do want and appreciating what has come to fruition or more focused on what hasn’t happened yet?   We are fueling one path or the other.

Being conscious of our thinking can shift the trajectory of where we will end up. This is not to say one thought is bad or one is good.  Simply stating, wherever we are looking, is right where we are heading.

Notice where your focus is during the day.  Do you need circumstances to go a certain way or can you roll with whatever comes your way?  Do you want others to change their ways or do you appreciate them for expanding your awareness?  Do you notice what’s “wrong” with your body or appreciate the ability to REGENERATE each and every cell? Are you pushing the square peg into the round hole or enjoying the playfulness of the game?

Thoughts will come and go, we choose which ones we give power too!   I personally, feel so much freedom in knowing that!  We can choose to appreciate who we are today and be IN-joy the entire ride! 🙂

Have fun being you!

Katie Surjan, GT Coach