Dog Days of Summer

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IMG_1123This summer has been a bit late getting to us but finally it has arrived – sun, heat and humidity.  I love it! We have spent every weekend away from home on our boat.  This is a great get away for us.  A place to relax, let down, and enjoy friends and family.  For us, this is not an excuse to give up our healthful eating habit, in fact, it makes it even easier.

When I hear from clients that they will be camping, boating or day tripping to an amusement park I think what a great way to keep it clean and on track.  What is packed is what is eaten.  But what I find is this ‘vacay’ mentality seems to give us permission to veer off our path into junk food land.  Our bodies and health unfortunately do not take vacation.  They must be tended with care in every bite we eat!  And while that may seem overwhelming, it doesn’t have to be.  These short trips we take, we are planning and packing food anyway – so why not keep it clean?

IMG_0194Next weekend we won’t be going to the boat as we will be celebrating my youngest son’s wedding!  Wow – it just doesn’t seem possible.  What an awesome milestone for him and for us. Family will be coming in and lots of activities around food/alcohol including rehearsal dinner and brunch the morning after, both at my house.  Again more life events that could be great ‘excuses’ in derailing my quest for health but will not. Because we have several GT peeps coming to these activities, I am planning, prepping and will have clean food choices for all.  Even the wedding venue was able to offer us a clean meal option.  For those more sensitive including myself,  we will discreetly be eating our own food and dessert. 

Unfortunately, I am not able to put my sensitive body on pause while I celebrate these weekends or my son’s wedding.  What I eat/drink will affect my health in the coming days or weeks.  Since I want to feel my best and be at the top of my game, that sugary salad dressing, sauce covered chicken and gluten-laden cake will not be going into this body.   Yes it will require a bit more planning for an already busy weekend but I know my body will thank me in the coming days and frankly I know I am worth it!  Aren’t you?

Peggi Ingram RN BSN
Genesis Coach

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