Inspect Our Thinking

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Were you aware, our actions follow what our minds are thinking?

We think of calling someone, our next action is dialing the phone.  We think of picking up a child from school, reaction is getting into a car and driving to school.  An action will have a thought right before it.  Simple, right?

Our body is a reflection of our best thinking.  

So the question I ask, is, where did we learn to think?  Media? Facebook? Diet Books? Parents? Teachers? Doctors? Bloggers? Trainers?  All of the above?

Next question, if you asked each of the above how to strip fat, would they all give you the same answer?  Or, would they respond with THEIR best thinking?

Utilizing REALITY, is the SUCCESSFUL way to choose our actions!  Your body is your reality, Period!  If it is fatigued, overweight, in dis-ease, or full of pain, we may want to question the thinking that got us here.

Our body does not care “why” we do what we do, it only deals with what we did or did not do.

Take an honest look at your current habits, when you think “this is hard”, “life isn’t fair”, “I’m so busy”, “I had a really rough day”, “why aren’t the results faster like Biggest Loser”.   What happens next?  What is the knee jerk reaction?

How about the flip side, what is the knee jerk around each 10 pound loss or hitting 21 days without sugar?

Let’s just say the knee jerk reaction was to eat cookies and Doritos after one of these thoughts.  The body’s REALITY is inflammation, the scale is up, even after eating clean for a few days.  Now the thinking begins, I ate clean the last two days, what’s wrong, I was just down 5 pounds.  Next thoughts, how to fix it.  The thoughts of past shortcuts are front and center and the plotting begins.  We ignore reality, while thinking, and now become frustrated because “IT isn’t working”.  If you’re blushing, don’t – this speaks for all of us at some point or another!

Many of us develop knee jerk reactions, or habits involving comfort food.  Thinking, it will make us feel better.

Another question folks – is a 5 pound weight spike from cookies, really a “TREAT”?  How comforting is the scale the next 4 days?

What is seems we are really attempting to comfort, is our thinking.  When we think of the day’s events – we reach for the chocolate cake.

The sweet spot to creating new habits, is to catch yourself RIGHT AFTER THE THOUGHT, AND RIGHT BEFORE the knee jerk.  This takes awareness and with some practice – we become really good at changing our reaction, or rather, forming new habits.

For now, watch yourself grabbing for sweets or salty processed foods, catch yourself mid reach and redirect to an apple instead, go for a walk, BREATHE, drink a big glass of water, pickup a book, get to yoga, pickup a craft project, make a cup of tea.  We’ll work on our new busyness addictions next month….kidding 🙂

Extra credit – Start to notice what the thought was right before you reach for “comfort”.   Write it down, talk to your coach about it.

As we start to develop new intentional habits vs. knee jerk reactions, we also begin to enjoy the product of our thinking….. a brand new body!

The Body Achieves, What the Mind Believes…

katie 1 editedKatie Surjan, GT Coach