Commitment and Trust: Lyndsey’s Journey

Posted on February 3, 2015 by


BVI1Deciding to commit to the Genesis Transformation process was not difficult for me. I knew I needed something to keep my focus on positive change and distract me from what I was about to endure for the next 365 days.

My husband, Justin, faced deployment to Afghanistan just ten days before our first wedding anniversary. I contacted Sheri after a friend motivated me to begin the transformation process. After I talked to Sheri, I knew throwing myself into the transformation process was exactly the right choice. However, I told her I couldn’t start until a week after Justin left, allowing myself one week to wallow in self-pity.

Turns out, I needed a lot more time than that to adjust, but I did begin the process. I journaled my food down to the gram, I entered EVERYTHING, I did not stray. I never missed my call with Sheri. In fact I looked forward to it every week. My body changed drastically, motivating and empowering me. Thanks to Skype and Facetime, I talked to Justin nearly every day while he was overseas. He was excited and relieved that I had a program to ground me while he was gone, letting him worry less about me.

After a few months I was invited to become a GT coach and go to the coach training in Arizona. I talked to Justin about it, and he was very supportive so I decided to go. I was nervous since I hadn’t fully transformed, and I wasn’t where I felt I should be. But Sheri convinced me no one else was either.

On the first day of training we discussed our progress so far. When my classmates found out that I had NEVER CHEATED with my food, not even a bite, they were stunned. To me this was a no brainer since I paid my coach quite a bit of money for advice and guidance for her expertise. Why wouldn’t I listen and do what she suggested?

I completed the coach training, still without cheating. When Justin came home from Afghanistan after twelve months, I hadn’t completed my transformation but I looked and felt great! Moreover, I’d grown so much stronger, knowing I could conquer anything after that year.

That was in 2012. Today, I don’t believe a transformation is ever complete; we are always changing, so we are always adapting. But committing, trusting your coach and listening to her, makes this process so much easier. I let Sheri be my guide through one of the hardest years of my life. I decided to give her control so I didn’t have to think about what I ate or when I exercised. This trained me to release my need to control and to conquer fear in my daily life. I realized I had NO control over Justin’s fate overseas and worrying just made my weight go up. Letting go and trusting reality was all I had, and in the end it was all I needed.

1901256_10100173146999145_1744149493477416836_nNow I am re-committing myself to this process and to my coach. Nine months after having my son I am ready to submit, and let go, and begin to transform my new body.

“The body achieves what the mind believes” has taken on a whole new meaning!!!!



Lyndsey Marshall
Genesis Transformation Coach