One Coach’s GT Story

Posted on February 3, 2015 by


Jenny and Kathy

(Picture of my mom and I at the beginning of GT)

Fat, sick and depressed, I discovered Genesis Transformation in December of 2008. No longer was I the fun, social and confident girl so many people had known. Nausea, embarrassment, shame and low energy defined my every day.

Living in the same town I was born and raised in, everyone knew one another. Going to the grocery store, or post office was an activity I dreaded. Shame overwhelmed me as I bumped into people who had known me as a successful athlete in the past, but had to interact with an overweight unhappy version of my current self.

It was year 12 of trying on new programs and ideas in my constant quest for health. Nothing really seemed to work for me. I would train for marathons, and still not lose any weight. If ever I was able to drop a few pounds, it would come right back on in the months to follow. When I heard about GT, I liked the concept because it was HEALTH based fat loss. I was yearning for the feeling of joy, vibrancy and confidence that came with that.

My journey into Genesis Transformation started with a rocky patch. One filled with many obstacles that required great perseverance. Not perseverance to be perfect. I was in no way shape or form perfect; perseverance to believe in myself and in the Genesis process. I continued to put one step in front of the other. With the support of my coach, family and friends, my health began to turn around, and my transformation started to take shape.

 (Picture of my mom and I well into GT … 2                     babies/grandbabies later.)

(Picture of my mom and I well into GT … 2 babies/grandbabies later.)

Genesis Transformation gave me health and fat loss. It boosted my confidence and brought tremendous joy back into my life. But truly, that wasn’t the best part. The best part is that through GT, I continue to grow each day. More times than not, my process gives me the opportunity to feel discomfort. It is the discomfort that allows me to grow and blossom. GT is WAY more than a fat loss program. It’s even more than finding physical health. Through the process of fat loss and the reversal of health concerns, I find myself growing in ways I never dreamed of. Ways that feel uncomfortable at first, but that allow me to see my world through an entirely new and exciting lens.

Jenny Carr
GT Coach