Holiday Guide: Top 10 Action Items to Maintain Health, Happiness and Sanity

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Have you ever thought about waving the white flag to self care around the holidays?  Believing it’s simply impossible to take care of yourself “perfectly” while attending holiday parties, late nights shopping, baking cookies, decorating your house, fun family visits and to top it off, working through it all.   Do you schedule yourself into a state of self-destruction rather than self-care?  What if we chose to change things up a bit this year?

Since GT teaches a lifestyle of self-care, not dieting, we have the power to make progress this holiday season.   It is important to understand there is no such thing as being “perfect”, our goal is to simply feel better.  By gifting ourselves a little time and self-love, especially around this busy,yet delightful, time of year, we have the ability to increase health while having a blast with our loved ones.

Incorporate a few items from the list below and expect to feel GREAT going into 2014, while thoroughly enjoying the holidays with friends and family.december newsletter1

Top 10 helpers to get you through the holidays, while maintaining your happiness, health, sanity and energy:

  1.  Keep your food clean – processed foods will bog you down, lower immune system and steal precious energy.   Cook in bulk on the weekends, even if it means waking up one hour early on Saturday, you’ll be happy and stress free the remainder of your week.  Make sloppy Joes / ground turkey with spinach, onion & mushroom / chicken thighs / sweet potatoes / a large mixed salad / egg cups / sautéed veggies / taco meat / meatloaf / mayo / ketchup / roast beef.   All of this can be cooked within 2 hours and you’re set for the week!  Freeze half, pull it out of the freezer after 2 days, you’ll have food for the second half of the week.
  2. MEDITATE!  If you need help finding a meditation, email your coach.  Meditation has SO MANY benefits; all leading to a state of relaxation and peace vs. stressed and spun out.
  3. Exercise, move your body!  A simple walk will do the trick.  Keep your blood moving throughout this busy month.  Watch your heart rate.
  4. Perform random acts of kindness.  The universe will reflect your actions right back, tenfold.  This is my favorite item 🙂 It just feel so good!
  5. Attend a restorative yoga or sound healing class for restored energy and balanced hormones.
  6. LAUGH! Call a funny friend, read a book, catch a comedy movie or even hit up a comedy club with your spouse or friends.  Laughing lowers stress hormones.
  7. Enjoy tech-free days. Turn off phones, internet and TV. Bundle up and enjoy the outdoors, give your loved ones (including yourself) undivided attention.  Get back to the basics, be conscious of your surroundings.  Take it all in and appreciate the abundance you are surrounded in.
  8. Be spontaneous!  You will feel like a KID!  Kids do not plan, nor are they attached to an outcome of a planned day; they live in the moment and have fun doing so.   Living like a kid for a day…or two, will strip the holiday stress right out of your mind and body.
  9. Follow your heart.  What is it you LOVE to do?  Think about this, spend time journaling, reflecting and then get into action with your life.  Spend more time being you, doing what you love.  You’ll feel amazing!
  10. Take a nap, sleep, rest!  Rest is imperative for optimal health, happiness and energy. If your body tells you to chill-out, listen to it!  Rather than gulp down another Americano (guilty) grab a 20 minute power nap!  Say no to an invite once in a while.  It’s ok to say no while saying YES to your health and sanity! 🙂

Blessings of health, happiness, peace, joy and glory to you all,

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