Transformations Across The Generations

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Grandma and Grandson cooking Thanksgiving Dinner

Grandma and Grandson cooking Thanksgiving Dinner

The holiday season is often accompanied with certain family traditions, habits, and expectations that we have engrained into our lives. For my family, Thanksgiving was not believed to be Thanksgiving without green bean casserole made with cream of mushroom soup (my husband’s must have), pecan pie with homemade whipped cream (my uncle’s favorite), stuffing made with lots of butter, sausage, and bread (a Bressler family favorite), along with an array of other dishes and drinks that simply “made” Thanksgiving.

What has come to the forefront of my attention this holiday season, is that all of these “must haves”, come from specific expectations we have around the holidays. Expectations about how food will taste, what food /drinks will be available, and how we will self-medicate ourselves (with food and drinks) when our expectations are not met.

In my past, the holidays were always a time to be with family, drink wine, and eat good tasting, extra satisfying food. The problem was, I would spend days, and even weeks, recuperating from the mental and physical hangovers those fine wines and extra satisfying foods would leave me with.

jenny dinnerThis year, my parents (they have been a part of GT for 2+ years) and I decided that we would take the bold step outside of our family members’ Thanksgiving expectations. We made the decision to empower ourselves, and our family by serving all clean GT food. We made the choice to CELEBRATE HEALTH rather than self-medicate.

GT Pies

GT Pies

As the clean and inflammatory-free food was eaten, people began to redefine their “expectations” for Thanksgiving dishes. And our Thanksgiving conversation turned into one about change, empowerment, and health. Comments were made such as, “This food is so much better than our normal food.” I am shocked at how good those desserts are. (the only “traditional” pie brought over ended up having one slice taken out of it, and the GT desserts were devoured).” And a comment I found to be quite insightful was, “This year, the food I ate felt like energy. It felt like it had a high vibration to it. I feel so much better!”

jenny acornThis year, we took on the bold challenge to change the definition and expectations of  our family’s Thanksgiving. We served coconut water, and fizzy clean drinks, we made dishes that regenerated our cells into health and vibrancy, all while changing peoples’ expectations and traditions. There were people aged 4 months to 87 years old at our dinner. For the youngest generations, habits and expectations of Thanksgiving were created and instilled towards health and longevity. And for those who were older, a true gift of empowerment, change, and regeneration was shared -one that each person tasted and felt within them. But for everyone, there were transformations across the generations!

jennyMany Blessings from my family to yours,

Jenny Carr, certifying Genesis Coach