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lyndsey 1 I’m Pregnant … WHAT?!
Since the age of 18, doctors told me I could not and would not get pregnant without the use of drugs and other medical interventions, due to the presence of a non-malignant pituitary adenoma. These small growths are very common but remain under-diagnosed. At the time it wasn’t an issue, so I really didn’t pay much attention to their opinions.

Three years ago, I began my journey with Genesis. Right off the bat I told my coach about this prior diagnosis. She really didn’t react, but simply stated that when the body begins to heal, many other changes occur, and hormones tend to balance themselves out. That was the last time we discussed the issue.

In January of this year I began to notice changes in my body, changes that were only explained by balancing hormones. I was fascinated that by just cleaning up my diet and dialing in my food, my body could repair itself.

In July, Sheri Lynn asked me to work with her on a pilot training program at a local lumber mill. I was thrilled at the chance to learn from her. Three weeks later, I found that I absolutely loved the new job. I couldn’t have been happier with life. However, one day my body felt totally different, in a way I couldn’t explain, so I took a pregnancy test, just to rule out that possibility. PREGNANT! I was stunned. When the shock subsided, worry set in. How was I going to make this work with a new job I love? Our house isn’t big enough so we have to move NOW! Oh my god, what is going to happen to my body? Yup, I spun out.

Now, five months into the experience, I have a better grasp of this monumental life change. Overall, I couldn’t be more thrilled! I’m working on releasing control (this one is tough for me). I attempt to focus on today and limit my future thinking (again a challenge). But what has kept me most grounded is the ability to control what I put in my body, the serenity to meditate, and the grace to accept imperfection.

This is a glimpse into one of my workdays:
4:00 am – ALARM, roll out of bed… this is early even for me!

4:15 am – I NEED FOOD!! I grab some left over chicken from the fridge. In the meantime, I boil some water for tea. After I inhale my chicken (I really need to learn to slow down when I eat), I head into the living room for a quick meditation.

4:45 am – Quick shower. One really nice aspect of working at a lumber mill with a bunch of guys? There’s no need to even try and look cute! I throw on some yoga pants, about 5 layers of shirts (I never know how cold the building will be), a hat, and I’m ready for work.

5:00 am – Pack up my breakfast and snack, some more tea and of course plenty of water.

5:25 am– Head out the door.

6:00 am – I walk into our ‘gym’ and 3 of the guys are already on their mats working through their programs. I throw my stuff down and hit the ground running.

7:45 am – I think I am about to eat my arm! Finally a break, and time to eat a breakfast of ground turkey, seasoned with Genesis Kitchen spice ‘Whoop Ass’ (my favorite), and an apple. I feel so much better now.

11:00 am– Our last guy just left, so now it’s time for me to head home. I’m just happy that today was slow enough that I got to get my own yoga and stretching in. In the car on the drive home, I eat the rest of my breakfast, too hungry to wait.

11:30 am – Make dinner… Tonight a grass fed and finished roast in the crockpot with root vegetables. The crockpot has become my new best friend.

12:00 – Yay! I have time for a nap before my clients start calling me.

1:15 pm– Oops, I slept a little too long… so lunch is going to be a Sun
Warrior smoothie.

1:30 pm– Client calls

3:00 pm – Lunch/snack. More leftover chicken on a bed of greens with my favorite GK EVOO Coratina and a splash of Cinnamon Pear balsamic. I decide to take the next hour or so to sit in the quiet and knit. This is a great time for me to let my mind relax and simply let go.

Lyndsey's dogs4:30 pm– My dogs are bouncing off the walls with so much pent up energy. They love to go to “Grandma’s” house to run her property, so we head over there. They can go nuts while I visit with my mom.

5:30 pm – Back at home, my husband. Justin, arrives, as I pull up to the house. He’s exhausted after driving for the past 13 hours. We head inside to catch up while he unpacks his stuff.

6:00 pm – Dinner.

7:00 pm – We decide to watch a movie, so we pile onto the couch (2 humans, and 2 huge Dobermans). It’s a little tight.

8:00 pm– Justin: “Honey? Why don’t you go to bed?” Me, “HUH?” Justin: “You’ve been asleep for the past 45 minutes!” Yep, I’m exhausted. This baby and I need sleep.

So, while my life changed massively this past year, I reflect on how
beautiful it is. I am so grateful for all of it. This coming year my goal is to
look at every event, both challenging and easy, with gratitude.

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