ASK DAVE: Ode to Apples

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This is a ‘SPECIAL EDITION’ geared towards all you apple lovers out there.  Apples are deserving of a rampant fan club – tasty, full of fiber, low glycemic and a great source of healthy carbohydrates…who could ask for more?

This year I encountered three apple varieties that were all new to me.  I’d like to introduce you, loyal reader, to these clean treats. 


I bought my first because it was just beautiful – these apples have a distinct vertical yellow/orange stripe which stands out on their mostly red skin. The first Lady Alice that I ate was the best – fresh, crisp, and it had the perfect balance between sweet and tart (a bit more on the sweet side).  This is a new variety discovered as a chance seedling in Washington sate.  Excellent all-purpose apple.


This gem showed up in the US about 3 years ago although it has been in cultivation abroad since 1999.  Opals resemble a Golden Delicious (Opal’s parent varieties are Golden Delicious and Topaz) in color but the flavor and texture are very different, also they are very large.  Crisp, very sweet with a tart finish.  Another excellent all-purpose apple.


This variety has been on the market for several years although it is a new favorite of mine.  Very crisp with a balanced tart/sweet flavor – this one is a little more tart than Opal’s or Lady Alice.  The best quality of the most recent Ambrosias that I’ve had is their consistency; they have all been excellent with very little variation in flavor or texture.

 It is my hope that you will be a courageous eater of apples – try one new variety this year!


Giving thanks for Apples,

Lady Alice

Lady Alice



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