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Peggi profileDuring the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, I like to take a few hours away to spend some time alone reflecting on the past year’s journey.  Where did I start this year?  What roadblocks/paths appeared?  Where am I today?   Am I in a better spot than I was at the beginning?  What did I do really well?  What do I have to brag about?

For me, this has been a year of tremendous growth; mentally and spiritually.  I started the year out working full time in a corporation and doing my coaching in the evenings and days off.   I was enjoying what I did but realized I spent a lot of energy balancing this conflicting lifestyle.  I felt a pull to pursue my passion of coaching clients.  As a nurse, I was missing the connecting with people, the empowering clients to achieve their optimal health and goals.  The part time just wasn’t giving me enough.

I took a leap of faith in June and went part time at my safe corporate job  and began connecting with more clients – ahhh – that felt so good.  The funny thing happened when I went part time – most of my clients decided to take the summer off.  Even with that – the fears I harbored of paying the bills or being successful were unfounded.  I spent that extra time working on me!  This was not a roadblock but an opportunity to grow – and grow I did!

This past year I also did an experiment – my first colonoscopy.  This was a path that I took to see what my clients go through with anesthesia, prep, etc?  What detoxing must take place afterwards?  How long does this last? This path led me to spending even greater time on ME; taking care of the detoxing physical and mental symptoms.  Again a path I did not foresee but one that I relish for the information I was able to gather during that time.

Now towards the end of the year, I still felt unsettled.  I realized that I have not been fueling my passion – connecting, empowering and teaching clients enough.  So, I have put in my resignation from my safe corporate job to follow my passion path full time.  Wow!! What a step for me.

I was raised to believe that I must work for a corporation for job security.  I must work hard to reap my rewards and be set for retirement.  Again, I have done much work in this area and realize that these beliefs are not mine.  These beliefs were of my parents and family and they are not serving me.  I have returned those beliefs to the owners and have created my own belief that I am empowered to create anything I want.  I have infinite possibilities and I trust my faith that all will work out.

own inspirationLooking back – I am such a better place and I have a ton to brag about.  My courage is number one.  I have opened my mind to new beliefs and possibilities I never knew existed.  I am in great physical health.  I have a very supporting family.  I have grown my client business.  I have implemented successful programs and networks.  I am collaborating with Katie Surjan, another GT coach, to bring programs to the GT and the Midwest.  I could go on and on.  Ahhh, I feel rejuvenated, renewed and full of peace and gratitude with these few hours.

This holiday season, remove yourself for a few hours and reflect on your past year’s journey.  What roadblock/paths appeared for you?  Are you in a better physical, mental and spiritual space than the beginning?  What do you have to brag about?   This reflection can be extremely powerful in finding your peace among the hustle and bustle of the holiday.   Try it!

Peggi Ingram, RN, BSN
Genesis Transformation Coach
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