I Had Fast Food Today

Posted on January 30, 2011 by


Michele John, Genesis Coach

Fast food, yes you read it right, fast food. It is all a matter of perspective. My world, like many, included the traditional form of ‘food’ found via a local drive thru window.   I considered myself pretty good in this department because I only ate it maybe a handful of times a month when I just didn’t have time to make dinner or was running from one place to the another. When my journey began with Genesis Transformation I knew my days of this “convenience” was over and I now have adapted so that the thought of eating something out of wrapper or box is about as appealing as shaving my legs with a dull, rusty razor…yes, I could do it if I absolutely had to, but I sure wouldn’t like how I looked or felt when I was done.

As a Genesis coach, I work hard to educate folks on why eating clean is beneficial to their health and their quest for fat loss. I realize we are humans and we all have times where we slip a little bit, and that “slip” is really defined by where you are in your journey of clean eating. I know and understand this as I have experienced it myself, more times than I care to admit.

Last month I had a great wake up call. I was reviewing my emails and I had one from a lady I coach and its subject line read, “I had fast food today”. Well, as soon as I saw this my mouth instantly gasped, “NO”, she has been doing so well eating really clean. My head started spinning, “what could have triggered this binge”? As I began to read her email a smile came across my face. She got me. She reminded me of something that is so fundamental but I let my brain run rampant with MY OWN thinking patterns. This lovely woman began to tell me how she grabbed her smoothie as she ran through the kitchen on the way to the warehouse (they have a business that they run from their home), then she grabbed something else as she quickly peeked into her fridge on her way from one place to the next. Her day was filled with “fast” food because she preplanned her day and was prepared with a fridge full of ready to go meals or foods that could be combined to make meals, so it literally took just a minute or two to grab the necessary foods to fuel up, hence it was “fast”food.

As the saying goes, “if you fail to plan, you plan to fail”, is true. With a little forethought, preplanning and making extra servings of things you too can turn your day into one that is filled with “fast” food. When you change your perspective, you change.