Doing This Thing Called Genesis Transformation

Posted on January 30, 2011 by


Cary Jo Hofstad, Genesis Coach

It has been said that the hardest step to take in a journey is the first step. In the past “going on a diet” might have seemed easy since in our minds it is a temporary adjustment in our life to get to the weight we have in mind. To make the decision to start Genesis Transformation can feel like a bigger step. It was for me. When I made the decision to start, I knew it was a forever kind of decision. This was a lifestyle change, how I ate, what I ate, how I worked out to achieve the results I wanted. Bucking society and my work environment in order to eat fuel for my body with pre-planning and precision. This work is not easy but the rewards start right away. Feeling better physically, more energy, moods even out, eyes start to shine, skin and hair start to look healthy. The fueling process is a journey in learning what my body needs to not just survive but thrive. Getting it into the old brain that this is not a “diet” or depriving me of all the “good” things, but a time to heal and rebuild my system in preparation to burn fat. Those “good” things are what brought about my ill health and weight gain. How “good” can they be to cause so much damage? Sugar, alcohol (sugar), really when I think about it, the biggest issues were sugar and processed foods that caused me the most damage.

The reward in reaching each minor goal, going down in clothing size, having people tell me I look younger and “different”, doing physical things that had been challenging in my heavier, unfit body. The rewards for the hard work and change make it ever so easy for me to tell you to take that first step. If you have already committed to the journey, hang in there, it is very worthwhile. If I had to do it over again, I would have definitely started earlier in my life so I had even more years to enjoy the fruits of my labor.