Jackson Hole ‘Magic in Support’

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“It’s a tried and true maxim of behavior that people support what they create”-Margaret Wheatley

Jackson Hole Genesis Coaches Michele John and Jayne Ottman know that the best way for their clients to build ownership and accountability for their actions is to ask them to be part of creating their fat loss process; to experience this life-changing system with immersion in journaling, shopping, food preparation and physical training. But let’s not forget the value of sharing conversation, ideas, expertise, failures and successes. Support Groups help cultivate friendships while pairing laughter and authenticity in the strong bonds that develop when working towards a common goal.

The Jackson Hole group wanted a “party”, so we had one. Ten women met in Jayne’s cabin nestled alongside a beautiful meadow under the Tetons in Jackson Wyoming on a frosty winter morning to celebrate our journeys journey and the upcoming year. We decided to have a brunch, showcasing some of our favorite Genesis recipes. So who says you can’t have a party, eat clean, wholesome foods and have a blast? Our agenda was to learn to experience healthful cooking, enjoy good food, discover new friends, discuss new activities we might like to share and draw on the wisdom of our strengths. We each brought a favorite GT dish and a picture that depicted “health” as we would like to aspire. The best was a photo of a weight-lifting mama at the spry age of 94 pumping iron! There was a clothes exchange, kind of like a Filene’s basement sale. Three cuties found themselves dancing on the couch in size 6 jeans they discovered, (down from their previous size 12’s). The remark was “no more ifs, ands, or size-12 butts” anymore!

The group is eclectic in their personal lives. One, the founder of yoga/studio in Jackson, another, a competitive cyclist who is preparing for the Iron Horse bike race (Durango to Silverton, Co-an 6,000ft elevation gain), another, a seasoned skier/instructor with stints from all over the world, another an artist, a kayaker, a cowgirl who not only rides circles around everyone but literally “owns the gym”-an incredibly strong woman! Another woman is recovering from an injury that severely restricted her activity for well over a year. After a year in physical therapy, she tried skiing for the first time later that day. Another brave woman, a breast cancer survivor, is regaining her health after chemotherapy and a mastectomy. (And doing awesome!)

Future soirees may include climbing a peak in the Tetons this winter and skiing into Idaho, yoga classes, teaching/helping folks learn how to set up bike/spinning at home, hikes, horseback rides, more shared meals and cooking/tasting, and kayaking Jackson Lake.

In Jackson’s Support Group, ideas flow, friendships flourish, trust and compassion bloom and inner strength, self-respect and commitment deepens. Brilliant, ingenious ideas come from every one of these women. Absolutely magical!

We hope others see the value in Support Groups and can make time for a communal meal. It’s truly magic.

Jayne Ottman RN MS

Genesis Coach, Master’s Degree in Community Health and Wellness, Owner of Integrated Health-focusing on Women’s Issues

Michele John

Certified Genesis Coach, ACE Certified Personal Trainer, Lifestyle & Weight Management Consultant

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