EAT THIS: 3 Days of Newbie Menus!

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Recipes right from our very own Genesis Cookbook!  These menus show how easy it is to incorporate leftovers into your daily eating; preparing recipes on the weekends or days off helps in preparation for the week.  You can also freeze and reheat leftovers, it is a huge time saver!   Utilize these leftovers for your snacks and additional meals.  For on the go meals use a thermos to keep your food hot.  Remember to make extra chicken, potatoes, brown rice, etc. to have on hand for quick meals when you don’t have the time to cook!

Day 1

Tip:  have the buffalo chili prepared ahead of time for lunch.  make a huge salad at the beginning of the week so you can pack it for lunches.  Oatmeal Protein bars are cooked ahead of time.  Grill extra chicken at dinner!

Breakfast: Breakfast Burrito, pg. 22, with fruit
Snack: Orange Julius smoothie, pg. 36
Lunch: Buffalo Chili, pg. 46, with green salad
Snack: Oatmeal Protein Bars, pg. 28
Dinner: Grilled Chicken, Baked Potatoes (see toppings pg. 86), and green salad with Basil Salad Dressing, pg. 114

Day 2

Tips:  have the Caribbean Chicken Stew prepared ahead of time for lunch.  Make a big batch of the Badmoon Pancakes – they are great snack food spread with nut butter and fruit sweetened jam.  Yam Protein bars are cooked ahead of time.  Make extra rice at dinner!

Breakfast: Badmoon Pancakes, pg. 15, with fruit-sweetened jam and fresh fruit
Snack: Blueberry Chocolate Smoothie, pg. 36
Lunch: Carribean Chicken Stew, pg. 47
Snack: Yam Protein Bars, pg. 26
Dinner: Shrimp FraDiavolo, pg. 76, with brown rice and salad

Day 3
Tips:  Cook the Steel Cut Oats overnight in a slow cooker for a quick morning.  Have the sesame cole slaw already prepped for lunch.  Make a big batch of the muffins and store in the freezer in individual zip lock bags for easy grabbing.  Grill extra burgers, and bake extra yams at dinner.

Breakfast: Scrambled eggs, Steel Cut Oats, pg. 19, with raisens and banana
Snack: Strawberry-Banana Smoothie, pg. 39
Lunch: Leftover Grilled Chicken with Sesame Coleslaw, pg. 55
Snack: Dave’s Protein Muffins, pg. 29 with an apple
Dinner: Tender Turkey Burgers, pg. 79, served with baked yam and green salad with Tahini Goddess Dressing, pg. 115

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