The Value of a Coach

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Courtney Townley

If you are looking for clear instructions on how to take care of your body, you have, no doubt, found
yourself thrashing around in a pool of misinformation and extreme dieting techniques. It often seems
like a cruel joke that everything in your life has an instruction manual, except for the one thing you can’t
live without, your body!

The Genesis Coaching process is all about helping you write the instruction manual for how to take care of YOUR BODY and achieve optimal health. Let’s face it, if what you thought you knew about your body and how to take care of it was working, you most likely wouldn’t be reading this newsletter. We all
come to the GT coaching process because there is disconnect between what we think we know about our bodies and what will actually gets us to that state of sublime health that we so desperately want. A
Genesis Coach can help you re-connect to your body through a simple, common-sense and progressive approach to food and fitness.

GT Coaches have the education, experience and compassion to meet you right where you are and escort you to where you ultimately want to be. They understand the courage it takes to completely transform your body and your life, because each and every one of them has transformed their own life through the Genesis process. They literally walk their talk. They have INTEGRITY.

GT Coaches are really good at unraveling the knot of misinformation that popular culture has served you and re-introducing a set of basic lifestyle objectives that are the foundation of a healthy lifestyle. They help you implement new skills into your daily life which, compounded over time, transform you for life! They are TEACHERS.

GT Coaches are highly AWARE of bumps in the road that you will have to navigate to reach your goal, and although they don’t necessarily know where exactly the bumps will be, they provide information and tools to help you move through those obstacles as quickly as possible. They show you new paths to
steer you clear of old, destructive behavior. They are GUIDES.

GT Coaches see you already transformed when your vision gets temporarily blurred by self-doubt. Theyact as sounding boards when you speak the answers you didn’t think you had. They SUPPORT you and YOUR VISION for being your best self.

GT Coaches echo what you said you wanted for your health when your mind gets foggy and you behave as if you have forgotten. They hold you ACCOUNTABLE to achieving exactly what it was you said you wanted for your health and for doing the work necessary to get there.

GT Coaches are highly passionate individuals who feel honored and privileged to show others the way home to VIBRANT HEALTH.

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