Sheri’s Workouts: All-Body Training Cardio

Posted on February 13, 2011 by


These exercises, done as a circuit, will work your heart.  It’s a great set to do if you are an intermediate lifter fueling up or an intermediate to advanced lifter in maintenance – in either case, if you’ve been laying off the cardio to build or preserve muscle.  With this workout you work your entire muscular system and heart at the same time – the point is to go anaerobic just like in heavy lifting – so don’t wear an HR monitor, your heartrate WILL be quite high while doing the sets and this is the point.  (note: you absolutely can wear a heart rate monitor, of course, just know that it will be off the charts and this is why this is an advanced workout for those that are already cardiovascularly conditioned with heart rate monitor training.) 

***NOTE*** if you have not conditioned your heart with HR or aerobic base training please do not do this workout as it will tax your heart.  This is the defining point between ‘beginner’ and ‘intermediate’ – it means your heart has been conditioned to handle more load. If in doubt, don’t do it.  Check with your coach.

After a through warm up of 15-20 minutes at an easy rhythmic pace to get your blood pumping through your entire body, do one set of 8 of each of these exercises.  You can do this entire circuit 1 to 4 times; dependent on your energy level and experience.  2-3 times is a good solid workout.

Jump Squat the goal here is to achieve maximum jump height on every rep.   Start in a basic squat (thighs parallel to ground) and explode upwards, arm reaching over head and returning to the squat with arms down at sides.  This should be highly explosive as well as controlled.

Assisted Pull up either with a machine or a friend holding your knees (your legs bent, ankles crossed)  If you can’t do 8, go to failure.

Weight Plate  or Medicine Ball Wood Chopper – do this slow to moderately both for safety and to keep tension on your core instead of your shoulders.  Don’t use momentum to move the weight!

Push Up – don’t sacrifice range of motion for rep speed or count.  get your chest to 3 inches from the floor at the bottom and extend your arms just short of lock out at the top – (a tennis ball or a friends fist between your pecs can serve as your measure – when you come down, touch the ball or fist with your chest before pushing back up).  You can do this from your knees, or do it to failure.

Dumbbell Swing from bottom half-squat or start position, explosively drive your hips up and forward to create the momentum that will drive the dumbbell (or kettlebell) overhead.

Plank, 45 seconds hold this isometrically and don’t let your hips sag to the floor.  Your body should be in a straight line from head to heels.

Medicine Ball Throw treat this as another high explosive movement – aiming to throw the ball as high as you can.  Start in a half squat, ball held in front of your chest.  Throw the ball straight up as you jump up, catch it on the way down back into your half squat.

Walking Lunge Not a slow motion exercise, but not superfast either.  Watch your form and spinal alignment carefully.  Step out far, get your back knee to the floor and feel a stretch on every rep.  Rep count is obviously 8 for each leg.

Jump Rope go as fast as you can, aiming to complete as many as possible in 45 seconds.

WALK AROUND for about 2 minutes between sets to cool down before starting again.  When complete, walk nice and steady-slow for about 10 minutes to completely cool down.  Then have a nice stretch.