Jan’s Journey – February 2011

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It has been an interesting month.  Over the holidays, I saw many people I hadn’t seen for awhile and they all are calling me “Skinny Mini”.  Ha!  I have never
before in my life been called “skinny”.  I am definitely skinnier than I used to be (down 60 lbs now) but I am in no way what anyone would call skinny.  People who have only just met me and hear about my weight loss from others are shocked.  They think I just look “normal”.  Hey NORMAL is good !  I like that!
I know that in the past anyone who met me would have always described me as “chubby”, “pleasantly plump”,  “fat” or “overweight”.  And now people think I am “normal”!  Yippee!  But the big yippee this month is I can now wear size 10 pants!  Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would ever wear size 10.  I was so  happy when I got into size 14 in August as that was my goal.  Then when I got into  size 12 in October, I was thrilled!  Now I am in shock and over the
moon.  If I  live the rest of my life as a size 10, I will be very happy.  I would just like  to tone up a bit as my thighs are jiggly and my upper abs are
also a bit “wrinkly”…..but then I am old so I guess I deserve all those wrinkles!  I still have 20 lbs to go to get to my goal of not being overweight anymore.  I am having more heart issues but hope that is resolved soon so I can stay the course.  But if I have to stop for awhile, I will be happy…..afterall…I am considered a “normal” sized old lady now!

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