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EAT THIS: Potato Bounty

September 7, 2015 by


There was a time, in the not-too-distant past, where dinner consisted of meat, potatoes, and vegetables.  Somehow as a culture we have veered so far off that course that folks often do not know how to structure a meal around whole, real foods!  Some of us even believe that the traditional baked potatoe is ‘bad’ […]

Ask Dave: Eat Clean, Save Money

February 3, 2015 by


Dear Dave, Isn’t it expensive to eat the way you do? Sincerely, Most people, everywhere in the USA Dear Most People, The short answer is NO because poor health will cost you everything. In this country our medical expenses have steadily climbed while proportionally food prices have not (see image below). Our emphasis on cheap […]

Watch This: Supersize Me

February 3, 2013 by


WATCH THIS:  Supersize Me 2004, 104 minutes, PG-13 Directed by & Starring Morgan Spurlock For this edition of ‘Watch This’ I decided to offer my thoughts on a rather unpleasant cinematic spectacle. A 30 day carefully monitored and documented experiment of one man, Morgan Spurlock, eating NOTHING but McDonald’s.  Furthermore – whenever offered to ‘supersize […]

I Had Fast Food Today

January 30, 2011 by


Michele John, Genesis Coach Fast food, yes you read it right, fast food. It is all a matter of perspective. My world, like many, included the traditional form of ‘food’ found via a local drive thru window.   I considered myself pretty good in this department because I only ate it maybe a handful of […]

Health Reform Will Make Americans LESS FAT – Michael Pollan

September 16, 2009 by


By Michael Pollan, The New York Times. LOOK OUT FAST FOOD; WHEN INSURANCE COMPANIES CAN’T DUMP THE SICK, THEY WILL HAVE TO SUPPORT HEALTHY DIETS, OR LOSE MONEY. To listen to President Obama’s speech on Wednesday night, or to just about anyone else in the health care debate, you would think that the biggest problem […]